Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FAVE! Toys of the 90s

When I was about seven or eight years old I always made sure that I woke up at exactly 8:30AM for the weekend kid show that featured fun children songs, good values and awesome toy advertisements! I was always in awe when I watched those fun advertisements where the toys walked and sang with so much glee. One of the key reasons why I watched that particular show was primarily because of the adverts that were shown during its airing. That at some point I really wished I had all of those toys that were presented on the television.

Now, twenty years have passed and I still feel giddy about those toys. I especially got excited when I saw the nostalgic internet explorer 90s commercial that brought a lot of memories as I watched it. Indeed, I was a 90s kid and with that, I decided to scour the video library of Youtube to check some of favourite 90s toy advertisements. Here’s my Top Five:

Polly Pocket
This is my first compact very handy toy when I was a kid. I absolutely love how intricate the toy was despite of its size. I would sometimes bring it to school so that I can play with my classmates during break time and then sadly I’d find out that a piece of the toy is missing, that I guess is the down side to Polly Pocket.

Play-Doh is such an awesome toy because it pushes children to imagine and create things. With Play-Doh I was able to create a number of things from weird looking vegetables to beautiful architectural landmark with the help of my mom.

I cannot imagine my child hood without Barbies, whether it be a plain jeans and shirt Barbie or the more sophisticated sparkly gown wearing Barbie I just love them all. What I really like about Barbie is that I can design and style a number of Barbie products according to my taste and preference during my time.

Baby All Gone
This toy was mind blowing to me when I first saw it on the television when I was a child. I mean for a doll toy to eat its food and drink is just pure awesomeness. I was so excited by the fact that I cannot fathom what was happening that the doll and that it was able to eat like a human baby!LOL HERE'S THE BABY ALL GONE 90s AD

Troll Doll
Kids nowadays wouldn’t probably like troll dolls because of its quirky very strong appearance. But as a 90s kid, I was all about collecting Troll Dolls. There were even troll pencil toppers, troll pencil cases and troll doll posters that were sold in toy shops all over the metro.