Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Ways to Amend a Relationship

Take advantage of our technological capability. One should maximize the usage of these tools so as to make our relationships more fun and a little bit more bearable when distance happens.There are a number of ways where one can communicate with their dearly beloved with ease. The main factor that a person should have to make that relationship work is a persons determination to keep communication active and be open to accessing these means so that he/she can strengthen his/her relationship further. These technological advances on our communication will hopefully mean a more sturdy relationship (may it be romantic or parental).



Pros: Good for people who are at ease with writing their thoughts well.
Cons: It’ll be a challenge if your partner is a grammar nazi.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The "In" Thing of Checking In

You will normally see this checking in phenomenon in a number of social media sites. You’ll primarily see a number of check ins in restaurants, hotels and resorts. People are fond of documenting these events on a day to day basis. This social media phenomenon is exercised by your typical high school students, young professionals, grown women and men. There is primarily no limit to this check ins, as long as you travel and dine in to different locations then you’ll have the privilege of socially announcing your whereabouts.

This is commonly practiced using an application either on your mobile phone or computer. What you will primarily do is to create an account with that application and then you can go and tag yourself to different locations that fit your daily roaming. One of the popular location based social networking sites is Foursquare. This location basically uses the GPS locater of the device and the computer network. The entertaining aspect of Foursquare is that they can actually crown a user as a “Mayor” of a certain place or establishment. This will primarily depend on your frequency on the said place for about 2 months. One of the perks of being a Foursquare “Mayor” will depend on the establishment’s guidelines, some restaurants actually have special promos or discounts for their crowned Foursquare Mayor.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wildcard! Remedies for Dark Spots

One of the common issues of women when it comes to their skin is the issue of dark spots. It is so easy to get this annoying problem however it is quite a challenge to get a good safe solution for it. Yes, you may get highly expensive whitening or bleaching session at spas and cosmetic centers everywhere in the metro, but is it safe? And next to the safety concern is the matter of cost. How much does these high tech skin innovations cost nowadays?

Dark spots may appear due to friction, cosmetic products, skin allergy and other beauty regimen; these are just some of the causes of dark spots in women. I myself have been a victim of this, which is why I opted to venture out of the usual sessions in spas. With that thought in mind, I tried my hands on some homemade remedies for dark spots.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fave! Gabriel Iglesias Videos

In Youtube there are a number of ways where you can entertain yourself and some friends. Like for instance, you can check fun heart-warming videos of babies, awesome artistic painting videos, full television series episodes and the likes for your entertainment pleasure. With all these fantastic means of distraction from our day to day routine one of the menial challenges that we will face is the process of choosing our favourite go to videos to de-stress.

I personally have a hundred of go-to videos in my list but I think one of my top favourite is the absolutely fun and entertaining stand up comedy videos of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. Gabriel Iglesias is great stand up comedian and voice actor, he is known for his hit shows Hot & Fluffy and Standup Revolution.

I just love his humor and his very cute cuddly facial expressions! I cannot wait to share these videos with you, so here they are!

Dance ,Dance, Revolution - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: “I’m so ready”
Best Facial/Body Expression: The soft fluffy dancing!
Check out the video!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Girls with wacky faces in social media sites are quite normal these days. They will often present themselves in photos with their puckered lips together in a combination of a pout and a kiss that gave the impression of perhaps a more prominent cheekbones and fuller lips. This facial expression is commonly seen in photos of women when they are taking photos of themselves in front of a mirror. This facial expression is known as the duckface.

It is now popularly known as a duckface because of the lip manipulation that is associated with the expression. It may somewhat mimic the protruding beak of a duck. Girls does this pose every so often that sometimes they even have a facebook album that is completely dedicated to documenting this look.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's turn the table (June)

Trolling as I see it has turned into a type of internet sport for people who love to malign other people with their rude offensive comments online. And they all seem to be so fearless in doing that, in sites such as Youtube. They just love to criticize every nooks and crannies of the video or of the people commenting on the video yet some of them actually lack the linguistic skill to do so. This linguistic troll problem is so prevalent in sites like Youtube that I am making a monthly list of these youtube comments so as to perhaps shed some light on the most common misused, misspelled and abused words online. Here are some:
The words “lik” and “tring” may be typographical errors. But the word “there” surely is not a typo.
There usually means a place.
They’re is the contraction of they are.
So, it should have been “It’s like they’re trying…” 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What is Food Photography?

Food Photography is a normal part of our social media life. Nowadays we stumble upon a number of food photos in sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket and the likes. Our fascination with the intricate attractiveness of some of these food presentations is just obvious. There is indeed great culinary artistry in some of the ordered food that we get from restaurants and it is quite natural these days to document a personally considered work of art.

With the availability of a lot of apps that are within our smartphone’s reach it is quite easy to present food also known as food photography. What is food photography? This is usually represented through a photo of a glamourised food presentation arousing one’s desire to eat and enjoy the food. The styling of the food is important in food photography because the foods provocativeness is the main focus.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Death in Social Media

Death is a normal part of life however these days it is not only found in our normal uneventful life it is somehow injected in to our social media life aswell. People are compelled to somehow document their mundane lives even in the event of such a misfortune. Nowadays, it is quite normal to see a whole Facebook album full of narcissistic selfies but to stumble upon an album with a coffin and the surrounding emotional grief is kinda hard to take in one sitting.

In finding an album like that I often think about what is the proper decorum? First thing that comes in to mind is the necessary condolence message. However it doesn't stop there, how about the Facebook like button? Should I go about and dismiss it or like it? One might think how insensitive of a person you are to “like” such a scenario? But liking those types of photos may derive from your empathetic understanding. Maybe you “liked” it due to  the fact that she’s in a better place or something to that extent.

Monday, June 3, 2013

What are Captchas?

It is a usual task nowadays to sign up and log in and out of a number of websites. And I as go with this random task I often encounter these Captcha codes that often than not delays my online action. Before I go mumbling about my thoughts on Captchas I think it is necessary to discuss what it is.

What are Captchas?
Captcha as per Wikipedia is an initialism for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” Now that we know the words behind the initials, what are Captchas for? Captchas are words and numbers that are often distorted in appearance and color. These are words that are generated to basically determine if the user is human or not. This is primarily important for the protection of various information’s that are available on the internet and to also prevent bot-generated spams in forums, emails and other online messaging boards.