Sunday, September 29, 2013

WILDCARD! Home Remedy for Coughs and Colds

Drink ample fluids
This is the most basic and inexpensive of home remedy that you can do when you are experiencing coughs and colds. This is the natural best way to flush out phlegm and bacteria out of your system.
Peppermint Steam
My doctor told me that when there is nasal stuffiness, it is best to inhale warm peppermint steam so as to relieve the blockage in the nasal cavity and sinus. Another comforting steam that one can do is to have a warm, steamy shower to further loosen up the nasal congestion. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

FAVE! Medical Show

My fascination with medical shows started when I saw Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey show where he showed a number of interesting organs inside the human body. I remember that one episode where he brought five pounds of fat, it was his way of spreading awareness regarding the growing issue of obesity in America. Dr. Oz is one of the medical show doctors that I truly like because he is blunt and honest about the diseases and toxins that corrupts the human body. Because of the medical knowledge that these shows provide to their audience it has gained popularity and audience ratings.

In the US, one of the popular medical shows is “The Doctors,” where they talk about a number of diseases and issues about health and fitness. They also show new and advance technological innovations that can help alleviate the pain of some intense illnesses. I do like the talk show feel of this program because it’ll make you feel like you are just chatting with these knowledgeable medical practitioners and they are also able to simplify complicated medical terms for you.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are you a Facebook Solicitor?

When a person joins a contest these days it is usually connected to a number of social media sites. The most popular contest social media site right now is Facebook. Facebook now has turned into a “like” marketplace, and Facebook contestants often goes around asking for likes and comments for their photos online. One of the usual basis for winning these types of contests is by gaining a number of Facebook likes/votes from random Facebook user. However, not everyone can get a good rating when it comes to contests on Facebook, this may be because of the fact that their work is not that appealing, their photos are not that creative, their kids are not really charming and these are I think some of the reasons why they would need to ask a random Facebook friend for a like/vote.

Don’t get me wrong, it is acceptable to ask your family and close friends for help with regards to your Facebook endeavor but to ask a “not-so-close-civil” Facebook friend for a like/vote is a tad annoying. Especially if the only time you exert an effort to reach out to these people is when you are in need of a favor. If that’s your personality then you should at least make an online gesture that’s says you are acknowledging their Facebook presence, you can atleast post a birthday greeting on their wall before or after a favor.

In my hope to lessen the prevalence of this on Facebook I am listing here the Top 3 types of Facebook Solicitors

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Popular "Feelings" on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new feature where a person can add feeling to the activity that they are posting online. Like if they post a dining with friends update, they can accompany that post with a feeling that says “feeling hungry.” There are a number of feelings available to post in Facebook, you can be happy, sad, excited, tired, great, wonderful, annoyed, blessed, meh, loved, pretty, angry, determined, sick, irritated, bored, good, awesome, special, sleepy, bad, better, guilty, amused, hungry, down, hopeful, alone, sorry, safe, confused, exhausted, proud, hopeless, human and heartbroken. If those feelings don’t quite describe their current emotional status, they can opt to add their own feeling.

People post a number of information about their emotion online and here are the most common feeling post and their type of Facebook user (you may agree or disagree with me.)

Feeling sick

The Attention Seeker
Pros: It is quite entertaining and amusing to see their daily “performance” on Facebook.
Cons: Sometimes, they tend to be a tad too dramatic.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's turn the table! (September)

Trolls seem to be so fearless in Youtube that they go around commenting on everything and anything that they see online. They seem to criticize even the smallest thing like punctuation yet some of them actually lack the linguistic skill to do so. They are so blunt, obnoxious, rude and fearless because they do these criticisms behind their computer desks, which gives them the anonymity pride that they need. This linguistic troll problem is so prevalent these days that I am making a monthly list of these youtube comments so as to perhaps shed some light on the most common misused, misspelled and abused words online. Here are some:

Where can we find this “doctore”?
Doctor means a medical practitioner
Doctore means teacher in the television series “Spartacus”