Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FAVE! My Top 5 Episodes of WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

There are a lot of TV series we can choose from nowadays. There are thriller, drama, comedy, sci-fi and a whole lot more, but there is one particular TV series that I am addicted to right now. Have you seen the show “What would you do?”It is a news magazine and hidden camera show wherein they will create scenarios that are often felt by the marginalized community and then they will observe how people will react to each scenario. The main reason why I like this show is because it shows raw emotions and legitimate scenes that some of us have encountered. I absolutely love this show, so now I am sharing with you my Top 5 WHAT WOULD YOU DO EPISODES.

1. Helping the Homeless

It is one of those episodes that struck a chord with the viewers. You can feel the heartfelt dissatisfaction of those old men and alongside it was the triumphant grin of the others when they advised the homeless man to leave.  This successfully presents the natural dichotomy in our society. To view the WWYD video, click here. 

2. Girl with Speech Disorder Bullied

At no. 2, "Girl with Speech Disorder Bullied" is an easy favourite because of the level of support that the bullied girl got from people. A number of people stepped up to defend her and tried to boost her confidence along the way. To view the WWYD video, click here.

3. Man collapses

This episode I believe is synonymous to the warm and care of the homeless woman at the end of this touching video, Ms. Linda Hamilton. A woman that did something so simple but for sure affected a lot of viewers of WWYD. To view the WWYD video, click here

4. Gay Parents Bashed

This is one of those videos where we get to see the vulnerability of the actors playing the part; the lesbian actress being exposed in this scenario made this episode more emotionally appealing to the audience. The outpouring of support for the gay and lesbian community was really felt in this video. To view the WWYD video, click here

5. Help a battered woman or not?

Whenever we talk about injustice towards women, battery (crime) is never far behind. To view the WWYD video, click here.

These videos gave faith back to humanity. This proved that there is indeed intolerance against unjust and rude behaviour out there. And this proves that we will not let injustice prevail when it’s happening right before our eyes.