Saturday, May 4, 2013

WILDCARD! Baking Soda Remedies


What is Baking Soda? 

Baking Soda is also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, it is an alkaline tasting fine powder often used for culinary goods such as muffins, cakes, cookies and doughnuts. We all know that it is normally used for baking however, we should not entirely limit Baking Soda with sweets and food alone. Now is the perfect time to see the other usage of this compound outside of its food comfort zone.

Here are my Top 3 uses of Baking Soda (Health wise)

In this day and age, we all have this medical notion of taking a pill or two for every ache that we feel. And I for one am not an exception. Once I 
experience a painful sensation, stomach cramps, headaches and the likes, my initial thought was to visit my good old medical doctor and immediately take the meds that they’ll give me. But then, the Alopecia Areata thing happened to me and there was no pharmaceutical meds for that. It was such debilitating issue for me, so I told myself to give the herbal meds a try. I did and it worked wonders for such an illness. With that mindset, I started to root for some effective alternative medicine.

With my heavy coffee drinking and my nonchalant stance on the usual 8 glasses of water a day, I got what I deserved. I got a painful urinary tract infection, I shouldn't have replaced my water with coffee or soda because those things will not hydrate my body properly. And so she gave me a good antibiotic prescription that I would need to take for a week.

When we take an antibiotic it usually acts a guard against these harsh bacteria  However, that’s not always the case sometimes the bacteria will actually build its immunity against the antibiotic. And so, the need to up the dosage of these meds became a need. And the cycle continuous as you take more and more antibiotics.

I feared that thought so I opted to try the baking soda alternative.

What I did was dilute a teaspoon of baking soda in water then drank it once a day for a week.  But before doing this homemade remedy, please make sure that you had urinalysis done so that you’ll know if your issue is regarding the need to balance your PH level. If so, then this remedy will be right for you.

Another use of baking soda for me is for teeth whitening. We all want clean looking white teeth in those facebook photos, right? I have bought a number of over the counter teeth whiteners for the past year. But I discovered that the product for this issue will be found in my kitchen cabinet, the good old baking soda. What you do is wet your toothbrush with water and then you can directly dip it in baking soda and use that concoction to brush your teeth, that’s it!

Lastly, my baking soda usage for stubborn reddish acne. In the past I used toothpaste to heal my acne however there was an incident where it got irritated because of what I did to it. So my new alternative is to use baking soda cream instead. To make a good baking soda cream you just need to mix water and baking soda until its creamy enough to apply. Leave the baking soda cream for about 10 minutes or until it dries.

All of these worked for me. I hope these will help you too!