Friday, May 17, 2013

Are you liking your own post?

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Like Your Own Facebook Status.

1. It is redundant.


The mere fact that you wrote the status says a lot about your stance regarding the topic. And liking that status is just unnecessary. Liking it does not really add any information for the readers. There is no justification for this, content wise because liking your own post at the end of the day is just plain redundant. 

2. You present yourself as a loner


Yes, a loner. It is like you don’t have any friends who will see and appreciate your posts. People may think that the reason you like your own post is because you don’t have anybody who will agree with what you are saying. Liking your posts presents you as a lonesome kid.

3. It is like high fiving yourself in public.


Ok, there are times that you are really passionate about a topic that sometimes you’ll have the tendency to really like it However it is more gratifying if your passionate post is addressed and liked by other people instead of yourself. Because liking your own Facebook post is really like high fiving yourself in public.

4. Seems like you're crying for help.


People may see you as someone with narcissistic tendencies. Narcissistic people are characterized as full of ego, dreadfully vain and extremely full of pride. And this public prognosis will not do your social media life any good.

5. Attention Seeker “Look at me, look at me!!”


For a kid who is learning a lot of new things, this attention seeker attitude is quiet tolerable. But for an adult who does this in social media sites like Facebook, it is just plain annoying. The more you like your post the more likely people will leave your post alone.