Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Isolation on Social Media

While it may seem that social media is a bridge that connects people to their families and friends, there are also instances when isolation happens to people in sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are even studies about social media isolation causing depression, anxiety, hormone issues, aggression and even instances of mental illness. Since a lot of people are spending a lot of their time on social media sites, there have been a great demand of maintaining a type of social media status. This type of popularity can be measured in accordance to someone’s Facebook likes, followers, comments and even birthday greetings. Because of this conscious mindset, people are starting to feel the need to maintain or acquire that state of social media attractiveness and that being isolated is the worst thing that can happen to them online.

How are people Isolated on Social Media? Here goes,

Birthday Greeting
Birthday is a celebration of life, and people these days often celebrate their additional knowledge and age by announcing their birthday on social media sites like Facebook. This simple day can be a celebration or an isolation of some sort, this will depend on how scarce or grand your birthday greeting list will be. I know this may sound a tad dim-witted for some, but I personally know someone who actually counts his birthday greetings on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Online Gaming for You?

I am not a usual online gamer but since I am curious as to why a number of people are quiet addicted to online games specially those that are primarily connected to social media sites such as Facebook, I am giving myself at least a day to experience this online game phenomenon. I will opt to play the game using my good old laptop so as to maximize my control! Here it goes!

I believe the first thing that a gamer should do when participating online is to verify the tab where the gamer will be asked who will see posts that that game app makes for the gamer on their Facebook timeline, it will be smart if a gamer will choose the “only me” tab, since you wouldn't want these apps to barrage your friends main Facebook wall with mundane updates about your gaming scores and activities, right?


Monday, October 28, 2013

Are your parents engaged in social media?

Although my parents are not social media fanatics like some older people I know. But I do see a number of my friends parents who are very much engaged in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. They do occasionally post photos of themselves and their family on Facebook but as I saw their activities online I have realized that they seem to have a steady social media routine.

First on the list, is their sort of natural instinct to basically “like” all of their kid’s photos and posts. Whether it be a food photograph or a humdrum matter about a lazy afternoon siesta, they will like and sometimes even comment on the subject matter. I asked my mom why she wasn't like that to me on social media and her reply was “I don’t want people to think that only your mother can appreciate your existence and I for one am busy with my own social media life too.” This frequent "like" practice is a tad tolerable for me but I do have the same sentiment as my mom when I say that “overly liking each and every post” of your kid is a bit unnatural and parents should remember that too much ego stroking is not good for kids (and adults even).  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

FAVE! Crime Shows

I have always been fascinated with crime shows since I was a girl. I started watching America’s Most Wanted back when I was a young elementary student who was very impressionable and naïve about crime against women. Although the crimes that were announced were really shocking and upsetting for a young child like me, I cannot help but still continue my avid fascination with these crime shows and be amazed with the intelligence and empathy of those crime investigators. Although the brutality of these crimes is indeed dark and barbaric, I believe the main thing that pulled my interest was the level of loyalty and wit that these law enforcers have for these cases and the victims.

I am listing here my fave Top 5 Crime Shows

Although this show has a lot of franchise, I personally love the first and original Crime Scene Investigation series where William Petersen played the awkward and witty character of Gilbert “Gil” Grissom. The CSI: Las Vegas episode that I really really like was when they found Nick Stokes buried alive on a deserted land on Las Vegas (CSI: Season 5), to say that I cried a bucket is an understatement.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photoshop and Perfection

With all the social media sites out there, I often find myself bombarded with photos of overly edited pictures of people with their smiles superficially stretched to convey their unadulterated happiness and people with heavily made up eyes beaming with intensity that is reminiscent of the bright eyed doll Chucky that is ready to pounce and kill. I admit that I have a very minimal talent when it comes to editing photos using softwares like Photoshop and other editing tools out there, this picture depicts my superb editing talent

Despite my inexistent talent in editing, edited photos seems to still hover over my social media life this past year because of the booming android camera filters and other editing softwares in the market. This is not a personal rant, but this is actually a Public Service Announcement of some sort :D. I am trying to provide valid points on why a person should not overly edit their photos, here it goes: 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WILDCARD! Home Remedy for Sinus Congestion

It’ll be quiet challenging to sleep softly at night when a person is experiencing nasal blockage that causes an issue of sniffling and snorting when trying to get some sleep. I for one am a constant victim of this ailment due to my dust allergy. When this attacks I often suffer watery eyes, stuffy nose and intense sneezing, it is an uncomfortable feeling to have especially when I am at work. I often pop a tablet or two of over the counter decongestant to primarily ease the pain and discomfort. However I don’t want to continuously do this practice of taking meds for every nasal congestion because I fear for the wellbeing of my kidney, we all know that filtering lots of meds and alcohol will eventually damage a person’s kidney. And so, I am opting to try these home remedies!

Drink warm burnt rice
Just deliberately burn the rice until its black as coal and then you would need to add hot water so as to create a coffee like concoction. When your drink is ready you may add a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of honey to at least make the taste more tolerable.

Friday, October 11, 2013

FB of people in their 20’s vs. FB of people in their 30’s

An immense gap of ten years provides an interesting representation of changes in ones life. Whether it is regarding love, social or family life, one thing is for sure, a good number of transformations will reflect in how we interact with people, how we view things and oddly enough how we treat our Social Media life, whether consciously or subconsciously. As a person on the verge of stepping into the unknown interesting thirties realm, I am fascinated at how things seems to change overtime in my personal and social media life, now at this age I am more open to burning bridges, I realized that it is alright to burn bridges for there are still other ways to cross over, I will opt to swim or fly over that bridge than to walk on that crooked dilapidated walk way. With that thought in mind, I steadily saw my Facebook list of friends dwindled down from 900 people to only about 400 Facebook friends. Have my Facebook changed as I come towards the dreadful 30? I believe so. Check out the list.

Tons of Pet Photos
Either they have an album of their cute 
cuddly pet or they have a bona fide Facebook 
page for that furry creature. A Facebook page 
where they actually set themselves as the 
care giver of that little four legged thing. 
This is primarily the next best thing to a 
boyfriend or a girlfriend in their life.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's turn the table (October)

The internet sphere these days is full of opinionated people who love to poke criticism at other netizens. This may be triggered by their goal to mainly disrupt the flow of conversation in say a forum or a Youtube page. They will often question other people's different taste in music, movies or cultural beliefs. Along with this growing trolling trend in Youtube and other social media sites there is also a growth of misspelled, misused and abused words online. And because of the prevalence of this on sites like Youtube I cannot help but make this list of Youtube comments to somewhat turn the table on them. Here are some:

One should know the difference of “their” and “there”
Their indicated possession.
There refers to a place of some sort.