Monday, March 10, 2014

Why do we add or remove friends on Facebook?

How can we use social media sites like Facebook to our advantage? If you are an entrepreneur then social media is a great online vehicle for you to promote your brand and products. If you are an A-list celebrity, then social media is your way to market yourself to other professionals and your way to reach out to fans. If you are a simple social media user then it is your casual way of adding friends. The main positive side of social media is its ability to connect us with people from all over the world. Whether you are a professional or a simple social media user, there are moments when you are motivated to remove friends from your friends list. We all have that person on our friend’s list that we want to cut off, a person who constantly posts inappropriate rants, rude comments or start fights with their lover in social media sites like Facebook. They are basically the equivalent of a husband and wife at a screaming match with each other inside the school grounds or the parking lot.

I am quite guilty of removing people like that from my Facebook friend’s list. I think, my primary basis for cutting people off is when I realize that I don’t really know them that well to give them the opportunity of looking into my life in Facebook. Or that they just annoy me to death. Have you ever wondered what motive your Facebook friend has in adding or deleting you from their list? Let’s try to break it down.

Why do we add a friend on Facebook?
When you know the person in real life.
When both of you has a number of mutual friends.
You primarily add them to create a wider social media network for your business.
You add those people to mainly increase the number of your social media friends.
One of your bases for adding friends is their physical attractiveness.

Why do we remove friends from Facebook?
When people often post rude/insensitive comments.
When you realize that you don’t really know them that well.
When they lack to interact with you on Facebook.
You immediately remove people who are trying to sell you something new every day.
You remove war freak individuals from your list.