Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bitstrips made it Tolerable

Bitstrips is an app designed for Facebook and smartphone users wherein they can design cartoon versions of themselves and their friends aswell. With this new fun app you can add more visualisation with regards to your status updates, friend’s tags and virtual greeting cards. It began as an unknown comic app and then slowly it gained popularity amongst people who wanted to spice up their Facebook activity. Now this app seemed to be so infectious, that Bitstrips updates are becoming staple daily posts in our Facebook walls (whether we like it or not).

This I can say is a very self indulgent app because this app actually encourages their users to edit their own Bitstrips avatar in accordance to their own physicality. Majority of the people using Bitstrips usually aims to be comical hence the comic antics they post. They even post awkward cartoon moments of themselves that in real life would be excruciatingly odd to watch. Here are some:

Bitstrip Version:

In Bitstrips it is somewhat acceptable. But if we witness this Bromance in real life, it will be a bit outlandish to see two grown men openly express their admiration towards each other.

Cheesy Lovey Dovey Couple
Bitstrip Version:

I personally have nothing against super lovey dovey couples in real life, I admire them actually. But there are some people who are uncomfortable when they witness such a very open expression of love, so they might only opt for the Bitstrips version.

Ghastly Vomit
Bitstrip Version:

Since this is a cartoon comical adaptation, we can easily disregard the revulsion we feel about the presented incident. But if we witness this in person, we will ofcourse be appalled by this.

Hidden Passion/Talent
Bitstrip Version:

With Bitstrips, people are more accepting of the shenanigans done by friends. We can be more lax with regards to their antics and actions, like say when they opt to dance crazy or when they sing their favorite KPOP song with gusto.

Foolish Antics
Bitstrip Version:

The usual foolish photos posted by a number of men and women is when they are in a drunken state of absurdity, those photos are fun in itself. But with Bitstrip, we are able to see the child like foolishness of people, which if we witness in real life will be a tad awkward to say the least.