Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fave! Animated TV Series

When I was young, I always made sure that I spend my free time watching all of my favourite animated TV shows. I especially look forward to holiday cartoons that are only shown during festive season like Christmas and New Year. The holiday cartoons are so much fun because that’s the time when I got acquainted with the stories about Santo Claus, The Three Kings and the classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Although I looked forward to the special holiday cartoons of my time, the regular cartoons did not disappoint me aswell, for I had a wonderful television experience when I was young. And thanks to Youtube, I am now able to watch some of my favourite animated TV series and reminisce.

As told by Ginger
As told by Ginger is first on my list because this is a cartoon that showed the importance of family values. And when I was a young impressionable kid, it was very important that I watch a cartoon that can help mold my emotional awareness. As told by Ginger showed me the complexity of growing up, friendship, relationship and self worth, this is one of my fave animated series because it actually has a time line, the character matured as the show moved forward.
For the theme song, REMINISCE HERE.

Dexter’s Laboratory
When it comes to showing ingenuity and fun, Dexter’s Laboratory is the cartoon show that I turned to. Dexter represented the hard working part of each and everyone of us while Dede (his sister) represents the fun side. I am a fan of this show because it was able to balance analytical thinking through Dexter and fun destruction through the character, Dede.
For the theme song, REMINISCE HERE.

The Jetsons
You cannot watch “The Jetsons” and not be amazed of the imagination of the writers behind a story like this. I watched in amazement every time “The Jetsons” was played on the television, I tried hard to envision myself with all the futuristic gadgets they were using in that show. I also love how they were able to create a robot maid named Rosie and a hi tech dog named Astro and fully integrate them to the “The Jetsons” family with ease.
For the theme song, REMINISCE HERE.

The Flintstones
Stone Age will never be the same again because of “The Flintstones” cartoon. One of my fave things in that Stone Age show, is the interesting Fred Flintstone car that was basically moved by the character’s own feet. When I was young I was really inspired by this fun cartoon invention that I actually made my own little “Flintstone” car for myself made of cardboard boxes,

Yabba Dabba Doo!! 

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Captain Planet
Before any talk about Global warming, the animated TV series “Captain Planet” already did the green awareness campaign without the ugly politics. From the intro theme song to the whole story line, there is nothing a kid wouldn't like! This show was very much into global awareness and was not afraid to diversify their characters aswell. This show is not only entertaining, it is also very educational.  

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