Thursday, November 28, 2013

“My Life is Better than Yours” (Social Media Edition)

In social networking sites instances of displaying one’s fame or fortune is often exercised in simple false gratitude forms wherein they will mask the attitude of bragging by being graciously thankful. This practice can be found in sites such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and other social networking sites where people love to be acknowledged. With that, I am listing here the types of “My Life Is Better than Yours” Persona in Social Media.

Primary Photo: Their primary photo is usually the semi candid while they were driving their brand new luxury vehicle. They are very keen at making sure that the cars emblem is at proper photo angle for maximum impression.
Social Media Updates: Usually consists of photos about their “baby” in the carwash or updates about getting their new expensive unnecessary accessories for their luxury vehicles.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) Just the basic sunglasses and a good luxury sports car.

Primary Photo: Their primary photos background will either be a great looking restaurant or a posh hotel where they’ve checked in. These people will primarily make sure that the establishments name or menu will be a photo focal point.
Social Media Updates: Their profile wall will be made up of a good number of food photography and a truck load of check ins from all over the metro.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) A Foursquare app or any social media check in apps.

Primary Photo: These peoples primary photo will be primarily focus on the brands they wear and use in the photo. They love it when people ogle on their trendy merchandise that often screams their brand.
Social Media Updates: Their updates consists of them shopping around and carrying big paper bags that screams their expensive merchandisers name out loud.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) Branded stuff from head to toe.

Primary Photo: They love to display their connections thru their primary photos where he/she will be standing alongside the prominent socialites and political leaders.
Social Media Updates: Their updates will be primarily about social gatherings in the metro where they mingle with the who’s who in the political and social sphere.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) Familial and business connections.

Primary Photo: Their primary photos are primarily consists of airport photos and trendy iconic tourist spots.
Social Media Updates: They always seem to be “bound” to somewhere every time they are posting new status updates. They love to update their Foursquare check in every time they are in an airport and they take lots of photos of these airports.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) Visa and Passport.