Thursday, November 28, 2013

“My Life is Better than Yours” (Social Media Edition)

In social networking sites instances of displaying one’s fame or fortune is often exercised in simple false gratitude forms wherein they will mask the attitude of bragging by being graciously thankful. This practice can be found in sites such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and other social networking sites where people love to be acknowledged. With that, I am listing here the types of “My Life Is Better than Yours” Persona in Social Media.

Primary Photo: Their primary photo is usually the semi candid while they were driving their brand new luxury vehicle. They are very keen at making sure that the cars emblem is at proper photo angle for maximum impression.
Social Media Updates: Usually consists of photos about their “baby” in the carwash or updates about getting their new expensive unnecessary accessories for their luxury vehicles.
Swag Requirement: (MONEY) Just the basic sunglasses and a good luxury sports car.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Social Media After a Disaster

When there is a catastrophic event such as a Super typhoon, volcanic eruption or an earthquake, it is safe to say that the newsfeed on every Facebook wall will be filled with disaster related posts like updates and news so as to provide information to the whole social media community. I myself wanted to think that that happened to my Facebook wall during the strike of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the visayan region of the Philippines a couple of weeks back, sadly to my surprise there are still people in my Facebook list who are way too self absorbed to even take a week off their narcissistic regimen in social media and they opted not to give importance to the typhoon survivors and their needs.

If I remember it correctly, the super typhoon ravaged the visayan region of the Philippines on the morning of Saturday, November 9, 2013. A day after the havoc done by the super typhoon, news broke about the devastation it brought to the nearby islands of Panay and the province of Tacloban, Cebu, Ormoc and Palawan. People in the metro knew the destruction and hardships that people in those areas were experiencing but still, somehow insensitivity worked its way up in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It is so easy for social media users to get distracted with each mobile tweet or fb alert these days. There seem to be an immediate need to check Facebook and Twitter updates as early as we wake up in the morning. There is a curiosity as to what updates we might have missed when we were asleep. We are fascinated with new photos, updates and milestones in our social media feed that is why majority of us cannot and will not miss a day to check on with our Facebook or Twitter account.  

In this day and age, the distraction of social media is so apparent that even with the assume closeness that social media is said to bring to relationships it is still able to put a crack on a sturdy connection may it be parental, romantic or a friendship. This happens when a distraction is caused by social media through a mobile device. A mobile device is a great distraction because it is a handy apparatus that is basically like an extended artificial limb of a person.

So, a status or update will primarily be a distraction for some people. Here are some of the scenarios.

You get distracted when you are in a meeting at work

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thoughts on Cyber Bullying

I had a hard time as an elementary student. I got teased a lot because of my wavy hair and thick lips. I remember this one instance in Civics class when our teacher was discussing the physical characteristics of an Ita or Aeta, in the middle of discussing the characteristics a couple of my boy classmates pointed at me and laughed. They were saying “Katrina is an Aeta, with thick lips and dishevelled hair..hahaha” If you don’t know what Aetas are, Aetas are the earliest indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines their main characteristics as per my civics book was they tend to have features such as curly hair, dark brown skin, small nose, thick lips and small stature. And I guess for some reason my classmates saw those characteristics in me.

My boy classmates ridiculed me day in and day out. They even pull my wavy hair up and laughed away with their whole clique, it was entertainment for them. I was so self conscious with my thick lips and hair that when I was in the canteen I walked so fast that I often dropped my food or utensils because I was in a hurry to get out of that place and basically did not want to exist. Because of the routine bullying I started putting my hair in a bun and I also hid my ugly aeta lips by covering my mouth with a handkerchief. I did a handful of oral recitation with my handkerchief covering my mouth. Ordered my lunch, talked to some some girl classmates, greeted the guard with a handkerchief covered mouth. I felt comfortable hiding that faulty physical trait from the eyes of my bullies. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

WILDCARD! Home Remedy for Dark Circles

-- Use egg whites as your primary mask for a week or two. This home made mask will  help tighten your pores and can actually reduce puffiness. Egg white is known to have lots of vitamin B that can also aid inflammation. Simply get a saucer of egg whites then dab a cotton ball into it and then apply it generously on the dark circles. Leave it on for about thirty minutes until you can feel the mask dry out. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

-- This may seem a little odd for some people but putting two cold metal spoons under your eyes, really works. What you would need to do is first put two metal spoons inside the freezer for about two hours. Then afterwards when it is completely cold simply press these spoons under your eyes, this primarily helps with the circulation of blood.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bitstrips made it Tolerable

Bitstrips is an app designed for Facebook and smartphone users wherein they can design cartoon versions of themselves and their friends aswell. With this new fun app you can add more visualisation with regards to your status updates, friend’s tags and virtual greeting cards. It began as an unknown comic app and then slowly it gained popularity amongst people who wanted to spice up their Facebook activity. Now this app seemed to be so infectious, that Bitstrips updates are becoming staple daily posts in our Facebook walls (whether we like it or not).

This I can say is a very self indulgent app because this app actually encourages their users to edit their own Bitstrips avatar in accordance to their own physicality. Majority of the people using Bitstrips usually aims to be comical hence the comic antics they post. They even post awkward cartoon moments of themselves that in real life would be excruciatingly odd to watch. Here are some:

Bitstrip Version:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fave! Animated TV Series

When I was young, I always made sure that I spend my free time watching all of my favourite animated TV shows. I especially look forward to holiday cartoons that are only shown during festive season like Christmas and New Year. The holiday cartoons are so much fun because that’s the time when I got acquainted with the stories about Santo Claus, The Three Kings and the classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Although I looked forward to the special holiday cartoons of my time, the regular cartoons did not disappoint me aswell, for I had a wonderful television experience when I was young. And thanks to Youtube, I am now able to watch some of my favourite animated TV series and reminisce.

As told by Ginger
As told by Ginger is first on my list because this is a cartoon that showed the importance of family values. And when I was a young impressionable kid, it was very important that I watch a cartoon that can help mold my emotional awareness. As told by Ginger showed me the complexity of growing up, friendship, relationship and self worth, this is one of my fave animated series because it actually has a time line, the character matured as the show moved forward.
For the theme song, REMINISCE HERE.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's turn the table (November)

As I browse the video library that is Youtube I realize that it is a common sight to see people undermine other people’s videos, thoughts and opinions there. There are indeed a number of people who loves to stir drama in sites such as Youtube so as to create disdain and to just mainly swirl everybody around with their own egotistical nonsense, these offenders are known as internet trolls. And as this trolling trend grows, the growth of misspelled, misused and abused words online grows along with it too. And because of the prevalence of these things on sites like Youtube, I opted to make this monthly list of Youtube comments to somewhat turn the table on them. Here are some:

Its amazing not amaizing, I hope this is just a typo issue.