Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let's Turn The Table (April)

There are a lot of internet trolls out there who loves you malign and insult people online. They are often so offensive and rude that’s why they are able to cause internet commotion in sites such as Youtube and Facebook. They primarily like to criticize and offend religious belief, cultural conviction and various topics online. They love to bombard people with their rude comments yet some of them actually lack the linguistic skill to do so. This linguistic troll problem is so prevalent in sites like Youtube that I am making a list of these Youtube comments so as to perhaps shed some light on the most common misused, misspelled and abused words online. Here are some:
There means you are referring to a place.
They’re is a contraction of the words they and are.
So, it should have been “they’re not inanimate…”

This is singular
These is plural
It should have been “these girls”

Its awkward not akward, this is probably a typo.

Before you go berate someone with your unsympathetic comment please do make sure to know the difference of week and weak.
A week pertains to seven days.
While the word “weak” means lacking the power to execute an act.

Its “thumbs up” not “thumps up”
Thump is a sound produced when you beat an object.
Thumb pertains to the first finger of the hand.
Its “you’re” not “your”
You’re is the contraction of the words “you” and “are.”
Your is a word that pertains to possession.