Monday, April 29, 2013

What are Internet Trolls?

During the 90’s, kids and kids at heart know this as a doll. A troll doll is a type of plastic doll with funny colourful furry hair depicting a troll. We saw this in several video games and troll pencil toppers. They looked funny and little eccentric to me when I was a kid but still I fell in love with these creatures. There was a sense of comfort when I play with their furry hair and touch their tan belly. I did not view troll as a creature I will fear and dislike despite their uncharacteristic look.

Then the internet generation arises, the word I adore when I was a kid will turn into a new internet slang. A slang that will sadly hunt and hurt people even with the best intentions. The word troll will take on another life wherein it will be associated with seditious, inappropriate, off-topic messages in any social media sites. We will see these internet trolls everywhere there is a topic to discuss such as a forums, chat rooms, or blogs and their primary reason is to irritate readers or to otherwise disrupt the normal flow of conversation.

The new cyber way of bullying by Internet trolls. There are a lot of these people on the internet, they will annoy and subjugate people with every means of discourse possible. They will dislike almost everything that is on the internet. They don’t care if that’s a video of your adorable baby that’s on Youtube, they will dislike it and disrupt the whole positivity of your content. They thrive from emotional responses and will lure you into a negative discussion.

You ask yourself, why is that? Why are they so arrogant and daring? It is primarily because they are able to hide behind their computers and IP addresses.  They rely on anonymity. They may use different identities every week. These trolls are creatures that we can really dislike. However, fear should not be associated with them. Because fear will only ignite their mission to cause emotional stress. 
We do not need to stoop to the level of those internet trolls.

What I opt to do is mainly stick to my 90’s troll vision. I will not let these internet trolls take away the fun and optimism that originally was associated with Trolldolls. I choose to remember my childhood Trolls, that’s it.