Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WILDCARD! Alopecia Areata Cure

Two years ago I experienced a drastic hairfall problem called Alopecia Areata. Alopecia Areata typically presents itself with sudden hair loss causing patches to appear on one's scalp or other areas of one's body. I was shocked to find a bald spot on my head a couple of years back. My regular hair regimen is basically consist of shampoo and conditioner, nothing more. So it was very shocking to know that I was having this intense hairfall problem.

First thing I checked was my daily dietary intake and lifestyle. Maybe I was drinking too much coffee or perhaps lacking protein or other nutrients. With that in mind, I promptly veered away from eating meat and ate mostly fish, fruits and vegetables for the duration of about six months. I did a lot of walking in the morning too. I changed my usual sleep routine from 12midnight to 10:30pm. I was desperate so I tried to change my lifestyle.

Second thing that I did was be diligent in changing bed cover, pillow case and blanket every other day. Yes! Every other day. This may mean a load of laundry for quiet some time but this will help keep those bed bugs at bay that may aggravate the hairfall situation. Because Alopecia Areata is not mainly a hairfall condition but an itchy skin issue aswell. The hairfall was worsening due to the fact that I was scratching the bald pattern every so often. 

When my parents noticed what was happening to my hair, they advised me to use Garlic as an antiseptic. As per my research on this, Garlic cloves contain a compound called allicin, this compound can actually kill outside bacterial invaders. The only way to release the allicin from the garlic cloves is to break open the cloves. So I did just that and applied the garlic cloves oil directly onto my problematic scalp. I did this until the patches grew some hair back. 

My last but most important step was the use of natural homemade coconut oil for my Alopecia Areata. The first step in harvesting your homemade coconut oil is to split open a mature coconut then scrape all the coconut meat from the shell. After you get the coconut meat shavings you would need to squeeze the coconut milk out. When you have the coconut milk, put it in a low heat pan and continuously stir until the milk evaporates and turns into a fluid coconut oil. Let it cool down for a while before applying it directly to your scalp. Remember to massage the homemade coconut oil thoroughly.

All of these worked for me. I hope it will help you too!

For Maintenance:
I apply Aloe Vera slime on my hair every other day to prevent hair fall! :)