Friday, June 21, 2013

Wildcard! Remedies for Dark Spots

One of the common issues of women when it comes to their skin is the issue of dark spots. It is so easy to get this annoying problem however it is quite a challenge to get a good safe solution for it. Yes, you may get highly expensive whitening or bleaching session at spas and cosmetic centers everywhere in the metro, but is it safe? And next to the safety concern is the matter of cost. How much does these high tech skin innovations cost nowadays?

Dark spots may appear due to friction, cosmetic products, skin allergy and other beauty regimen; these are just some of the causes of dark spots in women. I myself have been a victim of this, which is why I opted to venture out of the usual sessions in spas. With that thought in mind, I tried my hands on some homemade remedies for dark spots.

I have used these products diligently for a few months now and its working quiet well for me.

First: Orange Peel
When I eat an orange I always make sure to keep the orange peel for my skin regimen. What I primarily do is use the white part of the orange peel as a lightening agent, I apply that part of the peel directly to the dark area and gently rub it for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then afterwards I wash it off with cold water. I believe this works because of the acid that is in the peel and that acid helps in removing the dead skin cells and lightens the skin accordingly.

Potato is a fine crop that everybody seems to love when it’s turned into a French fries or Mashed Potato. However, there is more to this yummy starchy potatoes! Do you know that potatoes are great whitening agent too? You can use potatoes to whiten your dark spots just by simply applying some potato juice or even thin slices of potatoes and thoroughly rub it on the affected area for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes.

Try these natural remedies for safer and better result. And another great part about using these homemade remedies is the practicality and cost effectiveness of these produce. You don’t need to schedule any appointment or throw huge chunk of money on cosmetic products, just visit your kitchen and voila! A lighter skin in no time.