Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Death in Social Media

Death is a normal part of life however these days it is not only found in our normal uneventful life it is somehow injected in to our social media life aswell. People are compelled to somehow document their mundane lives even in the event of such a misfortune. Nowadays, it is quite normal to see a whole Facebook album full of narcissistic selfies but to stumble upon an album with a coffin and the surrounding emotional grief is kinda hard to take in one sitting.

In finding an album like that I often think about what is the proper decorum? First thing that comes in to mind is the necessary condolence message. However it doesn't stop there, how about the Facebook like button? Should I go about and dismiss it or like it? One might think how insensitive of a person you are to “like” such a scenario? But liking those types of photos may derive from your empathetic understanding. Maybe you “liked” it due to  the fact that she’s in a better place or something to that extent.

I understand that there are different ways of grieving and that people are now openly grieving in social media sites but I think we should be more sensitive with our social media ways. Because in this style of grieving, you are opening yourself and your family to basically everyone your list.

We all have media connections nowadays and we do need to have better social media etiquette when it comes to our personal grievances such as death. Posting photos of coffins and even photos of your dearly beloved ones inside the coffin is reasonable as long as you keep those photos within your close knit family for remembering. I find it very inappropriate and disrespectful to post photos where a person is posing and smiling in front of a coffin. The event is not about you so do not prance around the wake and take photos of everything with you in it. When you feel compel to post these types of photos, please do think twice. Because as an onlooker I just primarily see your actions as callous and deeply insensitive.

Do not be preoccupied with documenting everything in anything in your life, there are moments where a person should set social media aside and focus on the important issues at hand. Some memories are better kept in your heart and shared with friends through stories filled and uttered with whole hearted respect. Not everything should be posted in social networking sites.