Monday, June 17, 2013


Girls with wacky faces in social media sites are quite normal these days. They will often present themselves in photos with their puckered lips together in a combination of a pout and a kiss that gave the impression of perhaps a more prominent cheekbones and fuller lips. This facial expression is commonly seen in photos of women when they are taking photos of themselves in front of a mirror. This facial expression is known as the duckface.

It is now popularly known as a duckface because of the lip manipulation that is associated with the expression. It may somewhat mimic the protruding beak of a duck. Girls does this pose every so often that sometimes they even have a facebook album that is completely dedicated to documenting this look.

Upfront you will see that there is minimal to zero percentage of beauty when doing a duckface. So the reason for doing this is for me is still undetermined. However, this should not deter girls to continue this awkward facial expression. If they wish to present themselves in drunken party photos with a duckface then do so, continue this new smile replacement with gusto.

Like it or not I even have tips! Yes! Tips that will help people who love to do duckface.


1. First thing that you should focus on is the center of attention, which are the lips. You should accentuate it with oily glittery lipstick for more impact.
2. For a more dolled up look, put flashy thick fake lashes for effect.
3. To make your eyes more ducklicious put a fun lively eye-shadow in shades of purple, pink and yellow.
4. For added beauty, remember to pout and suck, this maybe a little challenging but it’ll benefit your cheekbones greatly.
5. And last but not the least; do not forget the mandatory peace sign.

Enjoy and duckface your photos with gusto!