Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fave! Gabriel Iglesias Videos

In Youtube there are a number of ways where you can entertain yourself and some friends. Like for instance, you can check fun heart-warming videos of babies, awesome artistic painting videos, full television series episodes and the likes for your entertainment pleasure. With all these fantastic means of distraction from our day to day routine one of the menial challenges that we will face is the process of choosing our favourite go to videos to de-stress.

I personally have a hundred of go-to videos in my list but I think one of my top favourite is the absolutely fun and entertaining stand up comedy videos of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. Gabriel Iglesias is great stand up comedian and voice actor, he is known for his hit shows Hot & Fluffy and Standup Revolution.

I just love his humor and his very cute cuddly facial expressions! I cannot wait to share these videos with you, so here they are!

Dance ,Dance, Revolution - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: “I’m so ready”
Best Facial/Body Expression: The soft fluffy dancing!
Check out the video!

Bears Love Me - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: “Oh my god it’s fluuuuuffy!”
Best Facial/Body Expression: “The I met the greatest person look”
Check out the video!

Crocodile Hunter - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: "Im gonna poke it with a stick"
Best Facial/Body Expression: The cracken confusion look
Check out the video!

New Car / Volkswagen Beetle - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: "Check it out ey it's the fat and the furious!"
Best Facial/Body Expression: The mad face response
Check out the video!

High School Reunion - Gabriel Iglesias
Best funny line: “I kept my figure, why couldn’t you?”
Best Facial/Body Expression: The crying
Check out the video!

With all these funny videos how can you not love Mr. Fluffy! He is just so funny and awesome!