Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Turn the Table (December)

When we browse sites such as Youtube it is quiet normal to expect a number of negative video comments, whether these comments are related to the video or not, people seem to be unfazed in sites such as Youtube. We see a number of people disrespecting the video platform just so he can present his egotistical nonsense by commenting and offending the viewers. These offenders are known as internet trolls. And as this trolling trend grows, the growth of misspelled, misused and abused words online grows along with it too. And because of the prevalence of these things on sites like Youtube, I opted to make this monthly list of Youtube comments to somewhat turn the table on them. Here are some:

Not only is this person’s grammar and spelling bad but his racist comment is terrible aswell.
Dis means to treat someone with disrespect
This means a person or a thing that is near to you.
That means a person or a thing pointed out or mentioned before.

Hangin in tagalong means wind.
Hanging out / Hanging with means to socialize with friends.

Before you call anyone “ugly” make sure you spell it right, its “ugly”.

Thought means an idea or opinion produced by thinking.
Tought on the other hand is a mix of taught and tough.
Despite of that confusion, this comment was still able to garner two likes.

Either use the word “this” or “these” but not “thes”.

Fuct is actually a clothing brand by Erik Brunetti.
Fuck is a profanity which refers to the act of sexual intercourse.
And by this person’s sentence construction, suffice it to say that what he wanted to state was “Fuck” and not “Fuct”

It should be “interesting” and not “interseting”
It should be “interviews” and not “intervies”
The person got the BLAH BLAH BLAH right though.