Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's turn the table! (September)

Trolls seem to be so fearless in Youtube that they go around commenting on everything and anything that they see online. They seem to criticize even the smallest thing like punctuation yet some of them actually lack the linguistic skill to do so. They are so blunt, obnoxious, rude and fearless because they do these criticisms behind their computer desks, which gives them the anonymity pride that they need. This linguistic troll problem is so prevalent these days that I am making a monthly list of these youtube comments so as to perhaps shed some light on the most common misused, misspelled and abused words online. Here are some:

Where can we find this “doctore”?
Doctor means a medical practitioner
Doctore means teacher in the television series “Spartacus”

Really? Loosing weight?
Loose means
not firmly or tightly fixed in place.
Lose on the other hand means cease to have or retain or to fail to gain.
So the right thing to post is "losing weight," ok?

I have no idea what the person is trying to say here but I think the word “sitdung” means “sitdown.” Good thing she spelled the words “business" and “watch” right because the whole sentence is just plain confusing.
This girl must be on something! LOL
Jealouse is actually an archaic word which means suspect or mistrust.
Jealous pertains to feelings of envy, apprehension, or bitterness towards a situation or a person.

Ewww she can’t spell disgusting. (rudeness begets rudeness)
So, before you go on taunting people with your rude comments online do try to use a spelling check every now and then. And please learn the art of compassion and tolerance, we all need it.