Thursday, September 19, 2013

Popular "Feelings" on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new feature where a person can add feeling to the activity that they are posting online. Like if they post a dining with friends update, they can accompany that post with a feeling that says “feeling hungry.” There are a number of feelings available to post in Facebook, you can be happy, sad, excited, tired, great, wonderful, annoyed, blessed, meh, loved, pretty, angry, determined, sick, irritated, bored, good, awesome, special, sleepy, bad, better, guilty, amused, hungry, down, hopeful, alone, sorry, safe, confused, exhausted, proud, hopeless, human and heartbroken. If those feelings don’t quite describe their current emotional status, they can opt to add their own feeling.

People post a number of information about their emotion online and here are the most common feeling post and their type of Facebook user (you may agree or disagree with me.)

Feeling sick

The Attention Seeker
Pros: It is quite entertaining and amusing to see their daily “performance” on Facebook.
Cons: Sometimes, they tend to be a tad too dramatic.

Feeling annoyed

The Complainer
Pros: Sometimes they have valid points on some subject matter.
Cons:  They tend to overkill the onomatopoeia word “grrrr”

Feeling tired

The “Oh So Active” persona
Pros: It is somewhat motivating.
Cons: Often times their updates are plain uninteresting.

Feeling blessed

The “My Life is Better than Yours” persona.
Pros: It’s nice to see unusual super expensive stuff from time to time.
Cons: The green eyed monster tends to crawl out.
Feeling bored

The Always Unimpressed
Pros: They have a laid back outlook on things.
Cons: They are very pessimistic.