Monday, January 20, 2014

6 Types of People on Social Media (Valentine’s Day edition)

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, a lot of people are already planning their date with their significant other. People are starting to share their sweet thoughts online, friends are already giving out dating advice to girl friends and people are posting early valentines hint on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram and so on. On the other hand, some people on social media might actually share their negative thoughts about Valentine’s day as well. Those negative  posts may include Facebook statuses, meme’s and even video rants. A lot of different personalities will pop up during this very romantic day, rants will be posted on Facebook, dates will be posted on Twitter and date food photos will be pinned on Pinterest as well. The same goes with YouTube, since people might probably upload sweet endearing video messages to their partner for the whole wide world to see.

Here you’ll see the six types of people you’ll encounter on social media during Valentines.

The New Couple / First Valentine’s Day Together
These people love to post heart warming quotable quotes about love. They usually tag their partner to that photo and then they’ll state how lucky they are to find each other in this great big world.  Throughout the day, they’ll keep updating their foursquare locations and just continue to post love centric messages and updates about their first date, first rose, first chocolate and so on.

The Bitter /The Broken-hearted / Forever Alone
These people are the ones that get sick when they see their friends romantic valentines escapades.  As the name aptly suggests, these are people that prefer to stay alone and would probably write or think about their ex during this time. Their social media activity will be primarily based on revulsion towards Valentines and all it represents.

The Single
This bunch is quiet different to the Bitter crowd because despite the absence of a partner this bunch are still very much optimistic about their future Valentine’s day. but they are still very optimistic about their next Valentine’s Day. Throughout the day, you can see them posting photos and statuses about them beautifying in a spa and just keeping their self worth intact.

The Bloated with love / The Daters
These are usually attention seeking couple, they love to praise their partner online making him look like the most perfect boyfriend or girlfriend in the whole world. Thtoughout the day, you’ll see them posting their grand expensive Valentine’s celebration complete with couple’s gift, couple’s kiss, fireworks, sumptuous dinner, Lindt Swiss chocolates and so on.

The Nonchalant
These are people that go about their daily lives without any interest whatsoever to what is happening with Valentines. They have no negative or positive comments about it, these are usually your online video gamers who are practically in a relationship with their computer.

The No-to-Consumerism guy
These people have a subtle way of saying that they hate Valentine’s, they use statistics and infographs to show how wasteful people are when it’s Valentine’s day. They put up arguments about people turning into corporate money cows just blindly following the move of marketers during this supposed romantic day.