Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Turn the Table (January)

Trolls seem to be so fearless in sites such as Youtube. These people love to criticize and malign other people by posting negative and offensive comments which often times lack the linguistic sophistication. They are so blunt, obnoxious, rude and fearless because they do these criticisms behind their computer desks, which give them the anonymity protection that they need. This linguistic troll problem is so prevalent these days that I am making a monthly list of these Youtube comments so as to perhaps shed some light on the most common misused, misspelled and abused words online. Here are some:

Before you call someone “EVIL”, first make sure you know the proper spelling of pageant.
Pageant pertains to a ceremony celebrating beauty, unique culture, elaborate costumes and awareness.  

wouldn't take this person’s advice seriously.
Loose means it is not tightly fastened or is not fixed.
While Lose means to be deprived or become unable to find.
I am assuming that this person is pertaining to losing money and not loosing money, get that part correct first.

I don’t like the fact that this person is so lax with the word “bitch”
I also don’t like that this person changed the word “and” with an “n”
Plus, it’s “sound” not “soud”, since you can spell bitch correctly might as well do the same for the words “sound” and “and”, ok?

Rite usually pertains to a religious ceremony.
While the word “Right” pertains to something morally good or correct.

Liar pertains to a person who tells lies.
While the word “Lier” pertains to a person who lies down.
Make sure you know the difference of “liar” and “lier” before you insult someone on Youtube.