Friday, January 31, 2014

FAVE! DATELINE: My kid will never do that

Dateline has this awesome hidden camera segment which I really find interesting and amusing, it’s a series called “My kid will never do that”. In this series there is a set scenario for kids where their values formation and critical thinking will be tested by using hidden cameras to record their actions. While their own parents and some child behavior experts analyze the child’s choices about a number of things like cheating, stranger danger and discrimination.

Here's one of my fave episode, DATELINE: My kid will never do that

Each and everyday parents try to instil to their kids the right values and choices in life but until that value is tested out there in real life, there is no saying what the kid’s reactions will be. Most parents passionately believe that they are teaching the right thing to their kids but the reality is, it’s hard to tell if the kid is really grasping the values that parents are instilling on them.

In this show DATELINE: My kid will never do that, they present the reality that even the cutest good girl can have lapses in judgement every now and then. In this show we will witness good goal oriented girls having discriminative moments against individual of color or race. We’ll also see the power of peer pressure working against these kids even if they have the right values and proper mindset. In this show the parents will learn to teach their kids to not only keep the values in their mind and heart but that they need to teach kids to put that said value in action so that it will not go to waste.

This show will also help parents realize that they don't have to talk about these important things every time, but instead what is important is for them to make the lesson consistent. It often means confronting things that makes even the parents uncomfortable. Parents should be role models to their child so that children will aspire to be a good human being to others. In the long run it will not only mold good children but also good working community leaders and supporters.

Parents and children become educated because of this show. Parents learn more about the inner character of their child when confronted with a dilemma. Children learn to understand that there is something more they need to develop to fully understand a situation besides value, they need to learn to be sensitive and empathetic. This show is a great learning opportunity for parents and parents to be that is why I like it.