Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Digital Stalking

Technology allows us to share a lot of information like photos, thoughts and whereabouts online that sometimes we often tend to neglect our personal privacy. And in that scenario, people are able to get their hands on details that are often crucial to our safety.

In the past, people turn to hearsay and tactical stalking to get an info about their prey. But these days they can easily turn to a number of social media sites to get specific information about their victims, their stalking capability has turned high tech. Whether it be a crime against women, children or a mere petty crime, they have evolved in accordance to our social media happenings.

Like say, our fascination of posting a number of personal gadgets and valuables online. Whether it is a laptop, a new smart phone, a new tablet or sometimes even thousands of dollars at hand, some people are just arrogant and proud that they tend to post these things on their Facebook wall for everyone to ogle on.

Criminal stalkers can also track our daily routine for as long as we keep on checking into establishments that we visit. There they can properly study and map our location at specific time of the day and then estimate our time of arrival at home giving them enough time to carry out their plan against us.

Another regular task that we often do in social media that can be unfavorable to our safety is when we do regular check ins in airports and sometimes even announcing the length of our vacation stay online. If that happens then we are giving them enough information to rob us blind when we are out on a vacation.

With all that, we should realize that it is very wise to be extra cautious in social media these days. We should all learn to filter the information that we put out in a number of sites especially in the personal profile page area. And it is also important for people to learn to share vacation photos after the vacation itself so as to prevent pre-meditated robbery and other types of crime against us.