Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's turn the table! (August)

Internet trolls these days are commonly undermining other people either because of their looks or their beliefs every single day.  Despite their know it all approach on things they still lack the initiative to basically look at their own issues like their misspelled, misused and abused words online. Because of the prevalence of this on Youtube these days I cannot help but make this list of youtube comments. Here are some:
The whole sentence is full of mishaps but I think the main thing that this person should know is the difference of dying, dieting and dieing.
Dying means a person is on the point of death.
Dieting on the other hand means a person is practicing healthy eating.
Dieing is a common misspelling of dying, ok?
For now, please veer away from calling other people stupid.

Who is this Docter?
Doctor is a medical practitioner
Docter is the advised pronunciation for the word Doctor. 

“I U Sure” I think means “Are You Sure”

Neighbourhood or Neighborhood according to Wikipedia means a geographically localised community.
Naborhood is a popular bakery in West Jordan United States.

Not only is this person’s grammar bad but his attitude towards someone with a disability is absolutely foul too. Yobizz? What is that? Your cool lingo?