Monday, August 5, 2013

Multiple Facebook Account


Maintaining one account on Facebook can be considered a task especially if you feel oblige to provide up to date information about your whereabouts, opinions and your travel photos. This to some may seem like an unnecessary daunting task that will not be beneficial to anyone but yourself, this is just a self gratifying thing that you do via social media. But what can you say about people who maintain a number of Facebook account?

Facebook was primarily conceived with the thought that it will run under the rule of real names and real causes, this type of platform is fundamental because it leads to a better understanding of respect, accountability and trust.

So for a person to create a false account under a pretense of a real person is somewhat intriguing.

Although not everyone is creating false accounts in Facebook, some people may have two or more accounts with basically the same persona but for different circles of connection. I have this friend who has a Facebook account for her colleague and another one for her family.  She came to that decision of having two Facebook account knowing that there are things that are meant for her family to enjoy but can be a little unfavorable if shown to her colleagues.

But if their goal is to primarily create different identities with those multiple Facebook account then their agenda will be very intriguing to some people. In the course of creating these fantastic fake people in social media these people already know the reason for creating these accounts. As they put in their name and complete address and photos, they are already plotting the usage of such an account in their mind.

These different personas can be used to lure men and women to evoke emotional attachment and often they can actually make someone fall deeply and intimately in love with these fictional characters. For them it is a means of entertaining themselves and knowing that they have that capability to break someone’s emotion when the truth is revealed.

While some people does this because they seem to see the importance of developing a great list of online followers who will like and comment to almost all their posts and photos. They also feel the need to get a big audience to further enhance their social media status. So, in essence it’s like they are having a conversation with themselves via a these fake accounts. I have personally witnessed someone do this. Everybody in his circle knows that he has at least five different accounts that he uses to get the conversation of his posts going and he uses those accounts to “like” his own posts and photos too.

This may seem like a simple harmless self gratifying thing but the reality is there is more to this than meets the eye, something psychological.