Monday, August 12, 2013

Typical Beach Photos on Instagram

A photograph is said to worth a thousand words, especially when you observe the beauty that the world is offering.  However, as I browse through social media sites such as Instagram I realize that not every photo captures something eloquent and worthy of admiration. I mean to stumble upon a number of colorfully decorated fingernails as a artsy excuse for a photo in Instagram is something to think about. Is this our generations take on art? Really?

There are a number of photo categories in Instagram, but for now I am listing the Typical Beach Photos that we typically see on Instagram:

1. Legs (Lying)
I know you have seen this types of photo in Instagram, the relax chill at the beach look. This may be amusing for some but it is already passé to say the least. When you are in the beach, suffice it to say that you have the license to flaunt your whole body instead of just your legs alone. There is nothing fascinating about someone’s legs unless you’re a Victoria Secret model.

2. Cocktail shot
Ok, we get it you are sipping Margarita at 2pm appreciating the scenic view of your beloved vacation place. But if you replace that scenic view with cocktail after cocktail of Instagram photos, it gets dull and listless too you know.

3. Airplane wing shot
A number of people are guilty of having this shot in their Instagram portfolio. This picture is a usual go-to shot when travelling else where. It’s not like we haven’t seen an airplane wing before, so why is it necessary to document such a humdrum matter?

4. Artsy sand shot
If you are trying to gather envious comments and likes from your friends by posting artsy sand photos from your vacation place, then I guess you might succeed in a way. However, is that the way you want your vacation to be?, to just constantly update uninteresting stuff online such as sand on Instagram? When you say a beach vacation then we can immediately surmise that there will be sand, ok?

5. Beachfront Food Photography
We get it! you are enjoying your day at the beach, but we honestly don’t need a blow by blow account of your feeding frenzy. We have our own set of meals we want to feast our eyes on too you know, seriously.
I just miss the days when we were required to buy films for our handy dandy camera. Those days when each photo tells a story of unique eminence for the chronicler. Those days when we used the camera to chronicle life changing events and posterity and not fingernails and sand!