Monday, December 30, 2013

Brace Yourselves for the “New Year, New Me” FB Posts

Nowadays, it seems to me that everyone makes new resolutions when the New Year starts. People need to somewhat accept the fact that New Year is a more celebrated holiday than Christmas, people during this joyous occasion wants to seemingly start 2014 off on the right foot by listing their resolution on social media sites like Facebook while firing up beautiful fireworks to welcome the year 2014. A New Year's resolution is a decision to reform old not so good habits or it can be a resolution to achieve new goals in life. The successes of these resolutions will considerably depend on the person’s will to continue with the new good habit, here are some Usual New Year’s Resolutions you will spot on social media sites.

New Year, New Me - Will Lose Weight / Exercise More
Gender: Female
Since people are more critical towards a girls body image rather than boys, this resolution will be more common to girls of all sizes. Because girls are usually the ones that get criticized and picked on when they get a little heavier after a festive holiday such as Christmas and New Year.

New Year, New Me - Save more Money 
Gender: Male and Female
Due to the commercialization of the Christmas season, people tend to spend their hard earned Christmas bonuses on gadgets, expensive gifts, clothing and other stuff that in are actually somewhat unnecessary to them and their family. It’s just that, they see Christmas as an excuse to splurge on material things and so at the end of December, all they can do is post a Facebook New Year's resolution about saving money come 2014.

New Year, New Me - Quit Smoking / Quit Drinking
Gender: Male
Quitting any vice is not an easy thing to do especially if the person has been doing that habit for years. The reason why I think that this is a resolution for male is primarily because of the statistics about chain smokers wherein a male is said to smoke an average of fourteen sticks of cigarettes a day while a woman smokes an average of nine sticks of cigarettes a day. From that statistics, I am assuming that more males are encouraged by their loved ones to make this New Year’s resolution.

New Year. New Me - No more Credit Cards
Gender: Female
I myself have been a victim of this powerful plastic mechanism that is why I know that this New Year’s resolution is quite perfect for girls. Because girls seems to be easily enticed by clothing, shoes and bags sales rather than boys. Boys are the easy shoppers, they go in and out of that store in a couple of minutes and then they're done. While girls go around for hours hunting for new trend, new shoes and lots of sales bargain, making girls more prone to huge escalating credit card debt.

New Year, New Me - Will be more patient when it comes to Love
Gender: Female
There is a greater chance that this resolution would come from a female because of the passive perception of courting and dating. People often expect girls to sit around and just wait for boys to come and sweep them off their feet, so despite the advancement of technology, a female is still the passive one when it comes to pursuing love. 

Just remember that your resolution should be base on your aspirations and goals in life. Make those New Year’s resolution realistic and challenging enough, so that you can maintain it all year long. Goodluck!