Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Selfies, hot or not?

A Selfie or a self portrait photograph is now the new social media term to present one’s vanity. This entails a lot of quality time with the handy dandy camera. This is very much applicable to both men and women alike. So what are Selfies? These are pictures (a lot of pictures) taken of oneself while capturing every angle while holding the camera at arm’s length. This act is usually carried out by girls, however men tend to do this aswell they’re just focusing mainly on their muscle tone.

To give a better breakdown here are some of the most common Selfies you’ll find on Facebook and other social media sites

1. The While Driving Selfie


Scenario: Usually done by office working girls/boys while on their way to work.
Usual Culprit: Both boys and girls
Pros: Good lighting and fresh subject
Cons: Accident prone

2. The Before Sleep Selfie


Scenario: The title explains itself
Usual Culprit: Both boys and girls
Pros: Flattering for those people who are naturally beautiful even without make up.
Cons: Natural beauty may not be so natural for everyone.

3. The Muscle Flexing Selfie 

Scenario: This often happens after they did their extreme gym regimen.
Usual Culprit: Boys
Pros: Good for fair guys who still look fresh despite their dripping sweat.
Cons: Some stick figure looking guy cannot pull this off.

4. The Branded Sunnies Selfie


Scenario: Usually done after they purchase their first branded sunglasses.
Usual Culprit: Both boys and girls
Pros: Some people looked extra beautiful with a good pair of sunnies
Cons: Oftentimes it is focus mainly on the brand.

5. The Mirror Selfie


Scenario: Posing and taking photos in front of a mirror. It usually takes place inside a dressing room or comfort room.
Usual Culprit: Girls
Pros: The mirror blur creates some kind of filter that compliments most girls.
Cons: A comfort room however clean or high class it is, is still just a comfort room where people poop.

We are all guilty of posing at least one of these selfies on Faceboook, right? :)