Monday, May 13, 2013

E-Libing (E-Burial)

These days working abroad is more pliable for people because of the booming ease of communication. All you need to do is set up a good internet connection, a basic personal computer, a web camera and in five minutes you’ll be connected to your loved ones back home. And there are a lot of voice over software applications that you can choose nowadays. But these are not only limited to connecting with your living loved ones.

Have you heard of E-Libing?

We are all aware that some of these overseas workers are unable to fly home because of their work commitment. It used to be an issue for them because they weren't able to pay respect to their departed loved one because of their distance. But now, there is an available online service that will connect them with their departed loved ones back home. This online service addresses this issue of distance by providing them with a new online video service.  This contemporary service will help families financially by instantly connecting them despite their distance. This online service is called E-Libing/E-Burial. What is E-Libing? E-Libing/E-Burial is an online service offered by a chapel to overseas contract workers where they can view live videos of the interment of their departed loved ones. They may access it through the internet anywhere in the world.

E-Libing is an innovative idea where the management will install cameras in strategic places inside the chapel so that the overseas worker may view the live feed of the interment online. For privacy purpose a password is given to the family. The overseas worker can now watch and witness the wake anytime he/she is available. The overseas worker may also access the chat room of the internment so that she/he may console his/her loved ones. Some of their value added services are: virtual candle light for the departed, virtual offertory flowers for the departed and obituary board messages.

This may seem very unusual for quite a few but it has proven to be an effective avenue for overseas workers to comfort their families during these trying times. This E-Libing revolution has indeed integrated itself to the normal lives of overseas workers. Instead of arguing if it is normal or unconventional, let us just open our eyes to the practicality that it brings to the table. Let us learn to utilize what is available so as we can adjust accordingly to the fast changing world of technology. If you want to know more, click here