Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In this day and age, communication is just a dial away. Unlike before, a long distance relationship may hit its bottom because of the lack of communication. But now with the advent of voice over application such as Skype, Uber Conference, Vsee and OOVOO we can instantly communicate with our loved ones from anywhere in the world. And the world of dating as we know it will never be the same.

But not all relationship starts in a meet-cute kinda way. Dating these days doesn't always start with the usual conventional hi/hello. With all these social networking sites people are getting together faster and easier. Just open an account, put a picture, edit your bio, add your friends and you’re done. Dating has stepped in to a new platform since. Dating now doesn't require the same commitment as it used to. Now, people tend to have a looser sense of obligation to their partner. A bouquet of flowers may be given online and a virtual birthday card can suffice as a gift. I guess one of the downside of online dating is, it is too lax. That is why there is greater risk of deception now when it comes to dating online.

Have you seen the reality show MTV Catfish?

MTVCatfish is a reality television series that documents the ups and downs of online dating. What they do is, MTV visits a person (client) who asks for their assistance on investigating the validity of the client’s online partner. The people behind the MTVCatfish show will do some background check on the online partner and then they will contact the online partner to arrange a meeting with their client. Oftentimes, the online partner is what they call a "catfish." This is a person who uses fake profiles to lure people to fall in love with them by using social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. So, majority of the shows’ ending ends in disaster and heartbreak.

Anonymity is the main core that runs this routine heartbreak in online dating. People cling to their anonymity that is why they are able to lie and deceive people. They are able to create a fantastic persona and live in a fantasy bubble where they can manipulate people. But alongside this, is the conscious decision of online daters to accept the catfish’s excuses and delays in their relationship. These stories of deceptions in online dating are sadly ordinary happening nowadays.

Despite the great benefits that we get from our technological innovations, there are still instances of abuse. So be wary of your online relationships. Do not fall for the same excuses. You can use a number of voice over application anytime to verify one’s identity. At least that’s one step closer to knowing if he/she is the real deal. Be smart.