Friday, May 24, 2013

Types of Posers

As I go around my Facebook page I stumble upon a good number of what many people may call as Posers. You’ll see them posting a lot of selfies and stereotypical stuff. But before I go on, let us first identify what is a Poser? A poser is someone who likes a certain typecast and wants to be seen as that. A poser is primarily someone who is trying to be something they’re not. Example, for quiet sometime being EMO was the “in” thing, people were wearing full black ensemble, deep eyeliners, listening to angst centric music and a lot of black paraphernalia. With this trend, people tried their hands on this EMO thing even though they didn’t really like the music and the style. The primary reason why these posers got the “EMOfied” look was because they want to get people’s attention and they want to present themselves as perhaps “cool.” 

This defecation on social media is happening much more than you think, so I am listing here My Top 4 Types of Posers.

EMO Poser

This poser stereotype is usually practiced by teenagers and young adults. They often prance around wearing full on black ensemble, anime looking hair and eyeliners to boot. They present themselves as majorly depress and emotionally unstable. They often post very dramatic “alone in the rain crying” photos in shades of black, white and gray. They want people to pity them and at the same time view them as cool kids who are not ashamed of showing his/her “dark” emotions.

Socialite Poser


This is often done by women in their mid 20’s late 30’s. Socialite posers are very knowledgeable when it comes to labels and luxury living. You’ll often see them update twitter every minute with updates about where they are, what they are eating and who they are with. A lot of these socialite posers are smart enough to use happenings and actors for their social standing benefit. For example, they saw Jennifer Lopez in a cafĂ© so they’ll ask for a photo op then when they “market” that photo in social media it’ll probably go like this “OMG! Just dined in with J.Lo, she’s just a chatterbox!” Socialite Posers ogle rich people’s way of living and google cheap class A Louis Vuitton for their poser living, they have delusions of grandeur.

Intellectual Poser


This is often exercised by young professionals or yuppies. They present themselves as educated and well mannered individuals capable of carrying a conversation. However his conversation will obnoxiously focus on himself and his knowledgeable quotes from other intellectuals like Friedrich Nietzsche, Rene Descartes, Friedrich Engels and the likes. Now we see them as Intellectual Posers but in layman’s term they are the know-it-all guy.

Photographer Poser


This poser type is often practiced by college students and people with expensive DSLR. These posers have this notion that owning a big expensive camera will make them a Professional Photographer just like that. Much of their confidence relies on their very high-end delicate equipments rather than their talent.