Thursday, May 9, 2013

What are Podcasts?


What are Podcasts?

We used to regret missing our favourite radio program but now we have the means to listen to it whenever we want to. This is through a medium called Podcast. A podcast is a digital media wherein you can listen and enjoy episodes of your favourite radio show by means of subscribing to them or downloading these episodes directly to your computer, smartphone or portable media player. This is very ideal for people who are always on the go because they’ll be able to access locally stored files even offline.

Types of Podcasts
Now that we know what Podcasts are, let us check on the three types of Podcasts that are available for our entertainment pleasure.

1. Solocast
Also known as the solo podcast. Oftentimes this will be carried out as a monologue where the person usually talks about his/her opinion on social events, news, technology and a variety of subject matter. This however is quiet a daunting task because you as the host should be able to keep your listeners entertained and interested.
2. Groupcast
Also known as a group podcast. This type of podcast is seen as a more laid back posdcast due to its normal conversational flow. This type of podcast gives the listener a broader perspective on the subject matter because there’ll be instances of debate or friendly argument on some issues that will be beneficial to the listeners.
3. Interviewcast
An interview form podcast can be part of either a solocast or groupcast where they will invite an expert about a topic. This occasional feature will absolutely add awareness to your podcast because it will introduce a professional point of view.

Can anyone create a podcast. Yes! Just make sure you have an interesting niche that you can passionately talk about. Build your audience gradually with interesting topics. Make sure you can handle a one man show without being too narcissistic.

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Things to Remember when Making a Podcast

1.) No to monotony
When you create a podcast give it a proper pizzazz that will differentiate you from all the monotonous speakers out there. Who would like to listen to someone talk on and on and on about the same old topic? We get that you love the Avengers, but a break from that can do your podcast some good every now and then. Do not meander from one favourite character to another because that’s the only topic you’re comfortable to talk about. Open your horizon to new things.
2.) Know your Recording Equipment
You don’t want to fumble around during your podcast recording, right? Before diving into it practice and learn the tricks of making your podcast more professional in terms of sound and video quality. Do all the necessary checks before going live. Learn the basic recording and editing process so that your listeners or viewers can concentrate on your content intently and not worry about some technical issues.
3.) Stay true
 Yes podcasting is a place where you will hear a bunch of crazies talking about everything and anything under the sun, that for me is alright. Because the more natural you are on your reactions and topics the more endearing you’ll become to your listeners or viewers. If you are funny then that will show naturally when you speak your opinion.
4.) Veer away from delusions of grandeur
Yes, you have podcast but that doesn't necessarily make you an instant celebrity. Remember your goal at the end of the day, why did you put up this podcast? To share your knowledge, expertise or voice your opinion perhaps. Stick with that thought and let go of your delusions of grandeur.
5.) Stop whining
Remember that we all have our own set of problems. Nobody wants to hear you whine and whine about any of your personal grievances. There are a lot of subjects you can waste your “airtime” on rather than your bad hair day. Think about your audience before you whine about the most basic of things.