Sunday, December 29, 2013

List of Shocking Videos

Thousands of videos are uploaded everyday on Youtube. You can browse their video library, and their video ranges from documentaries, interviews, reactions, televised shows, music videos and a whole lot more. From these list of videos there are also those that are known as viral videos. These viral videos are not limited to entertain and fascinate viewers alone, it sometimes gets infamous because of the shock value of the content. Many of these videos have extreme disgust factor, that’s why it hits viral social media status overnight. Although, many are not fans of these shock videos there is still great sense of curiosity, so the numbers of views steadily rise despite the disgust. With the advent of social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, people are getting keener on the once taboo world of voyeurism. 

Here are some examples of shock videos that went viral.

2 girls one cup
As a summary of this shock video, the primary factor that made this video an odd hit among Youtube viewers was their fascination at the level of repugnance this video brings to the table. This video is about two girls who primarily defecated into a cup and then later on started to consume the excrement inside that cup.

1 guy 1 jar
1 guy 1 jar is another extreme shock viral video. This is primarily about a man sitting on a jar and for some reason he forced this jar into his anus. The moment that will make the viewer squeamish is when the jar actually breaks inside of him. And so with that, lots of blood eventually squirts out.

2 girls 1 finger
Another extreme shock video that went viral is the 2 girls 1 finger video wherein two girls primarily vomit into each other’s mouths. To make the video more disgusting, they even played and "shared" their vomit and then eventually vomited on the camera. It has basically the same disgust factor as 2 girls 1 cup.

1 guy 1 screwdriver
1 guy 1 screwdriver is another horrific video involving a man pulling a screwdriver out of his private organ He squeezed his private organ and blood squirted all over the place as he films the horrific video. Another graphically displayed video to seek attention.

For those who haven’t seen these videos I do not recommend these for viewing. These attention seekers got what they wanted and they are now indeed Youtube famous. However, do note that some things are better left to the imagination.

We have seen these fixated videos of non-sense for infamy but there is one extreme shock video that should be treated with utmost caution because of its very deep and dark subject. The 3 guys 1 hammer video that got passed around social media sites is just sad, alarming and very dark. 3 guys 1 hammer is about 2 college students who sadistically tortured an old man using hammer, screwdriver and other tools for their brutal entertainment pleasure.  

The attention that these kids seek when they documented this brutal killing is just beyond my wildest thought. It is not merely a video of intense graphic content but it will shock you until you’re angered by this video. The words vile, despicable, violent, wicked, horrific, immoral cannot even describe this video with justice. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

The only light that came from this shocking dark graphic video is that this video acted as a strong evidence that helped put those people behind bars. Although, life imprisonment is a very light sentence compared to the brutality that they did to their victims, for now it will at least give the victims family a sense of peace. My heart goes out to them.