Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FAVE! Charmed Episodes

“Charmed” was one of my favourite television series when I was in high school and college. I would sometimes finish my college paper and reviews while watching the show, which was quiet an effort especially when the topic was about Shakespeare and Freud. This show sparked my fascination with magical powers, warlocks, sisterhood, witches and destiny. This show was primarily about three Halliwell sisters known as the Charmed Ones, whose destiny is to protect innocent lives against mischievous sprite. I guess one of the reasons why it gained popularity was primarily because of the hero portrayal of the Halliwell sisters in the series. They were not portrayed as the usual women victims who were in dire need of saving and a knight in shining armor. They are powerful independent women who do not only have magical powers but are excellent in hand to hand combat aswell. Another formula that made this series popular was because they set an example for other television shows, that a show should always be fun for all ages and it showed that it didn’t have to be all about sex, drugs and violence (although I have to admit that some of their clothes in latter seasons were a tad revealing.)

Here are some of my favourite episodes

1. Pilot episode - Something Wicca this Way Comes

Ofcourse the pilot is as important as the last episode because this is where we saw the potential of this magic centric television show. This is where they presented the three sisters persona and is where they weave the story of magic and reality. It is so great to look back at this first episode where we see how different the three sisters were from each other; Prue was the control freak head of the house hold, Piper the peace maker middle sister and Phoebe the young insightful one. 

2. Possessed Wild Piper- Coyote Piper
Piper as we all know is the demure and conservative sister in Charmed series, so when the Coyote Piper episode was aired I was surprised and a little excited to see Piper get a little action and mischievous. This is one of my favourite Charmed episode because Piper was able to let herself go even though it was due to a demon possession of some sort.

3. Prue Halliwell’s Death- Charmed Again
I am the type of television viewer who is very loyal to the original cast, that is why I hate it when a show decides to kill off a character. With Charmed it was much worse because she was one of the lead role, Prue Halliwell was one of the Charmed Ones so it didn’t sit that well with a number of fans like me. Besides that, another reason why I liked this episode is because Piper’s grief here was so relatable. Everyone could relate to at least one of the sisters pain when Prue died.

4. Not even Witchcraft can stop death - A Witch in Time
This magic centric show was indeed successful because they try to meld reality with magic. We are aware that the three sisters were witches but they were living in modern world San Francisco so there were instances of reality forcing itself to their magical world. Making these characters vulnerable to human struggles like death and heartache.

5. Last Charmed episode - Forever Charmed
Ofcourse the Forever Charmed episode is something to remember because it was the last Charmed episode. After watching it for eight years, Forever Charmed finally closed the popular television series with a great goodbye reunion.  The scene where old piper and leo walking upstairs with the family photos on the wall simply sums every emotion I felt. Prue was even remembered when the little girl closed the door using Prue Halliwell's signature power, it was bittersweet.