Friday, December 27, 2013

Facebook Christmas

Christmas is the special time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and it is also the time to offer gratitude for everything that we are accomplishing in this life time. Christmas is also the perfect time for family, friends and endless decadent food to be posted on social media sites such as Facebook. Christmas is our Holiday excuse to be extra narcissistic in posting personal guilty pleasures/pictures that makes our Christmas holiday a tad more special and fun. 

Photos of Tasty Looking Food
Food is ofcourse going to be a staple post in social media sites because of the abundance of food that will be present in every Christmas table for the Noche Buena. Food is one of the things that bring people together during this festive holiday occasion (besides booze of course).

Pretty Christmas Tree
Posing in front of a Christmas tree is a known holiday tradition. Well, besides the fact that Christmas is the only “appropriate” time to display a Christmas tree and pose beside it. If you are the one behind the beautifully decorated tree with lots of goodies then you will be very (of course) excited to post cute family photos behind the green tree beauty. Don’t hesitate to share your pretty tree to everyone.

Giving and Receiving gifts is said to be a great Christmas philosophy. Some of us may not have the same number of gifts or same high end luxury brand gifts, but at the end of the day what most of us will remember is the pleasure of receiving these gifts and the feeling of gratitude towards the people who made us feel the true spirit of Christmas gift giving.

Holiday Vacation
There is no greater time to visit enchanting and charming places than during the Christmas season. A number of places become truly magical during this holiday because of the shining Christmas lights, the festive Christmas decors and the joy of each and every family travelling together as one. The Christmas atmosphere is so fascinating that even most adults are swept off their feet and left breathless at the sight of twinkling magnificence.

Family Photo
Christmas is indeed the time to give thanks to all of our wordly blessings, but one of the greatest gift that we should all be really thankful for is our family. For family is the foundation that made us who we are as a person, a student, a worker and a son/daughter.  If your gifts are not as plentiful as the others, just keep in mind that you are blessed with a family (however quirky they are).

Surely, of all times of the year, Christmas is the perfect moment to give thanks for almost everything we often take for granted everyday, Merry Christmas!