Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's turn the table (October)

The internet sphere these days is full of opinionated people who love to poke criticism at other netizens. This may be triggered by their goal to mainly disrupt the flow of conversation in say a forum or a Youtube page. They will often question other people's different taste in music, movies or cultural beliefs. Along with this growing trolling trend in Youtube and other social media sites there is also a growth of misspelled, misused and abused words online. And because of the prevalence of this on sites like Youtube I cannot help but make this list of Youtube comments to somewhat turn the table on them. Here are some:

One should know the difference of “their” and “there”
Their indicated possession.
There refers to a place of some sort.

Its noodles not nudles
Noodles is a staple Asian food which is basically long thin strips of rolled dough.

Is it really? Discussing?
Discussing is when a group of people talk about a certain topic or subject.
Disgusting is when someone loathe a certain scenario or a thing.

Just please stop using SMS lingo in writing.
Might is the past tense of the word “may”
Mite pertains to small insects that infest plants and animals.

If she did cut her hare then that’s just cruel, poor animal! LOL
Hare pertains to an animal that usually resembles a large rabbit.
Hair pertains to the thin strands growing out of our skin.