Sunday, October 27, 2013

FAVE! Crime Shows

I have always been fascinated with crime shows since I was a girl. I started watching America’s Most Wanted back when I was a young elementary student who was very impressionable and na├»ve about crime against women. Although the crimes that were announced were really shocking and upsetting for a young child like me, I cannot help but still continue my avid fascination with these crime shows and be amazed with the intelligence and empathy of those crime investigators. Although the brutality of these crimes is indeed dark and barbaric, I believe the main thing that pulled my interest was the level of loyalty and wit that these law enforcers have for these cases and the victims.

I am listing here my fave Top 5 Crime Shows

Although this show has a lot of franchise, I personally love the first and original Crime Scene Investigation series where William Petersen played the awkward and witty character of Gilbert “Gil” Grissom. The CSI: Las Vegas episode that I really really like was when they found Nick Stokes buried alive on a deserted land on Las Vegas (CSI: Season 5), to say that I cried a bucket is an understatement.

Criminal Minds - EPISODE
Criminal Minds is another crime show hit because of the different structure it offers to their viewers when it comes to catching those notorious serial killers. In this show they are able to present to us the importance of studying and profiling the people behind the crime so as to rescue the victims in time. Mandy Patinkin who played Jason Gideon on “The Criminal Minds” is one of my fave characters there. One of the most touching episode for me was “Riding the Lightning” because of the emotional depth and touching story line.

Dateline - EPISODE
Dateline is not the usual television series where actors played the part of the victim and the attacker. Dateline is a gutsy news undercover type show that is really proactive in fighting against any transgression. One of the most intriguing one, is Dateline’s To Catch a Predator! I personally like all those Dateline's To Catch a Predator episodes because I absolutely approve how they shame these disgusting old men on national television.

48 Hours Mystery - EPISODE
This show is an investigative crime show that tells the story of the victim, the victims family, the investigators and sometimes they even interview the accused suspect. This is another good crime show because it is able to present a balance story by providing the evidence of the prosecutor and the defense of the suspect. Their interviews are absolutely straightforward that often times these interviews were used by the American judicial system. One of the most talked about case in 48 Hours Mystery was the gruesome murder of Travis Alexander.

Unusual Suspects - EPISODE
Unusual Suspects is another crime show that retells the story of a number of crimes that happened to people. The main edge that this show has, is its ability to jolt its audience with the killer’s true identity, the title of the show says it all.