Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Isolation on Social Media

While it may seem that social media is a bridge that connects people to their families and friends, there are also instances when isolation happens to people in sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are even studies about social media isolation causing depression, anxiety, hormone issues, aggression and even instances of mental illness. Since a lot of people are spending a lot of their time on social media sites, there have been a great demand of maintaining a type of social media status. This type of popularity can be measured in accordance to someone’s Facebook likes, followers, comments and even birthday greetings. Because of this conscious mindset, people are starting to feel the need to maintain or acquire that state of social media attractiveness and that being isolated is the worst thing that can happen to them online.

How are people Isolated on Social Media? Here goes,

Birthday Greeting
Birthday is a celebration of life, and people these days often celebrate their additional knowledge and age by announcing their birthday on social media sites like Facebook. This simple day can be a celebration or an isolation of some sort, this will depend on how scarce or grand your birthday greeting list will be. I know this may sound a tad dim-witted for some, but I personally know someone who actually counts his birthday greetings on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo/Post Like
To say that this is the “Like” Generation is a grave understatement. Whether people accept it or not, people post a number of their personal photos and thoughts online to primarily receive a thumbs up from their peers. People nowadays seem to really want online appreciation. And so, it will be another incident of isolation when a personal post or a photo is denied social media acknowledgment.

No tags from Friends
I am hoping that when a person registers on sites such as Facebook as a person and not as a business page, that they have a good list of friends to connect with, so as to maximize the usage of social media sites. It will be quiet uneasy for a person to not get the usual FB photo tags from friends from a party or any get together, this is where depression comes in and they will eventually just concentrate on their social media isolation and the failure of their online persona.

I for one am hoping that this intense fixation with Facebook likes and social media attractiveness will soon fizzle down a bit because this grandiose bragging and ogling is not a good thing to continue.