Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WILDCARD! Home Remedy for Sinus Congestion

It’ll be quiet challenging to sleep softly at night when a person is experiencing nasal blockage that causes an issue of sniffling and snorting when trying to get some sleep. I for one am a constant victim of this ailment due to my dust allergy. When this attacks I often suffer watery eyes, stuffy nose and intense sneezing, it is an uncomfortable feeling to have especially when I am at work. I often pop a tablet or two of over the counter decongestant to primarily ease the pain and discomfort. However I don’t want to continuously do this practice of taking meds for every nasal congestion because I fear for the wellbeing of my kidney, we all know that filtering lots of meds and alcohol will eventually damage a person’s kidney. And so, I am opting to try these home remedies!

Drink warm burnt rice
Just deliberately burn the rice until its black as coal and then you would need to add hot water so as to create a coffee like concoction. When your drink is ready you may add a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of honey to at least make the taste more tolerable.

Hot steam
This is a great home remedy to ease the blockage slowly by inhaling the hot steam of either a eucalyptus blend or any vapour rub blend that is added to a hot boiling water. And then you cover the hot blend and yourself with a towel or blanket so that you will get the full relief of this home remedy.

Eat spicy food
I, myself am not a fan of spicy food but some people really attest to the effectiveness of eating spicy food when they experience nasal congestion. This may be because of the tendency of spicy food to open up nasal blockage. If you are a spicy food lover then this is a remedy that you will appreciate and love!

Hydrate yourself!
Whether you have fever, nasal congestion or cough, this is the usual advice of doctors to their patients. Drink lots and lots of fluid so as to flush out toxins and to primarily unclog those congested sinuses. You may opt for regular water or you may try those peppermint teas or other herbal teas to further ease the feeling of congestion.

Take plenty of rest
Taking plenty of rest is a vital part in getting your system up and running again. Working while you are sick is not an advisable route to take because it can actually aggravate your ailment. Taking ample amount of rest will also boost your immune system making it stronger to fight off viruses and other bacteria.