Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photoshop and Perfection

With all the social media sites out there, I often find myself bombarded with photos of overly edited pictures of people with their smiles superficially stretched to convey their unadulterated happiness and people with heavily made up eyes beaming with intensity that is reminiscent of the bright eyed doll Chucky that is ready to pounce and kill. I admit that I have a very minimal talent when it comes to editing photos using softwares like Photoshop and other editing tools out there, this picture depicts my superb editing talent

Despite my inexistent talent in editing, edited photos seems to still hover over my social media life this past year because of the booming android camera filters and other editing softwares in the market. This is not a personal rant, but this is actually a Public Service Announcement of some sort :D. I am trying to provide valid points on why a person should not overly edit their photos, here it goes: 

-FIRST, What if you go missing? And the only photos we can use to look for you are the overly edited photos of yourself. Photos that doesn’t look like you in real life! How are we supposed to rescue you if we don’t know what you really look like without all those filtering and tweaking?  

-People that overly edit their photos and yet they fail to edit their kids photos are just not proactive. I mean, if you are posting photos of your superfly filtered self and then you just post common filter free photos of your kids that looks nothing like you, then that presents three not so good conclusions, either your partners fugly, those kids are not yours or you are a plastic surgery Barbie.

-Overly editing photos to perfection on any social media sites is actually the equivalent of wearing too much make up on dates. The key to editing is to always consider the look of the original photo, your goal is to enhance the beauty of the subject and not to replace the whole canvass by deleting and adding unnecessary things to the photo.

- Shocking enough, this practice has its perks as well. You may have a number of social media stalkers once in a while but they will eventually end their stalking activity as soon as they see the breathing and walking you. The reality is, it is going to be hard for stalkers to trail someone who doesn’t look as pretty as the photos on Facebook.  

- Even technology needs a break. We are all aware that technology these days has the power to alter and manipulate lots of unattractive things in the virtual world but every once in a while we should ease up on using this power of manipulation, especially if you are using it to feed your egotistical self through likes and comments. There is more to this technology, ease up on overly beautifying yourself.