Friday, October 11, 2013

FB of people in their 20’s vs. FB of people in their 30’s

An immense gap of ten years provides an interesting representation of changes in ones life. Whether it is regarding love, social or family life, one thing is for sure, a good number of transformations will reflect in how we interact with people, how we view things and oddly enough how we treat our Social Media life, whether consciously or subconsciously. As a person on the verge of stepping into the unknown interesting thirties realm, I am fascinated at how things seems to change overtime in my personal and social media life, now at this age I am more open to burning bridges, I realized that it is alright to burn bridges for there are still other ways to cross over, I will opt to swim or fly over that bridge than to walk on that crooked dilapidated walk way. With that thought in mind, I steadily saw my Facebook list of friends dwindled down from 900 people to only about 400 Facebook friends. Have my Facebook changed as I come towards the dreadful 30? I believe so. Check out the list.

Tons of Pet Photos
Either they have an album of their cute 
cuddly pet or they have a bona fide Facebook 
page for that furry creature. A Facebook page 
where they actually set themselves as the 
care giver of that little four legged thing. 
This is primarily the next best thing to a 
boyfriend or a girlfriend in their life.

They have a weekly album of Bar/Club Photos

People in their 20’s have a great stamina 
when it comes to staying up late and partying 
til the late hours of the night. That is why 
it is somewhat ordinary to see a number of 
weekend or even weekdays party albums on 
their Facebook profile.                    


Local Destination
Since people in their 20’s are not yet financially 
stable to travel around the world, photos of their 
travel is usually compose of local destination 
alone. A little amusement park photos here and 
there withfriends is good enough for their summer vacation.

They usually show off their branded luxury 
handbag (usually a knock off)    

They are so fascinated with expensive luxury brands. People in their 20’s love to flaunt their branded luxury stuff online (usually a fake), 
whether it be a wrist watch, luxury bag 
or a fashionable sun glasses they will do their 
best to post these things in social media sites 
such as Instagram and Facebook to get their 
social standings intact.

They have thousands of Facebook friends

People in their 20’s are prone to have the 
mentality of quantity over quality, they are 
firm believers of the saying “the more the 
merrier.” And when it comes to their social 
media accounts like Facebook they also keep 
that mentality alive by hosting a number of 
friends on their wall, although they are well 
aware that not all of them have their best 
interest in mind.


A number of Baby Photos
If this is their first born child then tendency 
is , they will fill Facebook with  new born 
photos of their baby. Some are even brave 
enough to post photos of their actual delivery 
and their bloody baby on a number of social 
media sites such as Facebook.

Coffee Shop Photo
Although people in their 30's can still brag 
about their late night rendezvous with friends, 
it is not entirely alcohol driven anymore. 
Oftentimes their Facebook profile will be filled 
only by dinner and late night coffee talk with 
friends, a much laid back realm from the usual 
bar scene.

They talk about International travel
This may be from the fact that people in their 

30's are saving money because people in 
their thirties party less than the younger ones. 
And it also helps that people in their thirties 
have a more stable job and income that is why 
they are able to splurge on their holiday 

They will show off their houses 

It can be a mansion or a bungalow of some 
sort but still people in their 30’s will let people 
know that they are in a state of financial 
independence when they post their not so 
humble abode online. It is their way of 
generating buzz in their own little social 
media community.

They have a handful of Facebook friends
When a person is in their late 30’s, they are 

basically more frank and fearless when it comes 
to their relationships, whether it be romantic or 
a basic friendship. They are not afraid to cut off 
ties with people who are not beneficial to their 
growth and maturity. And are very thankful and 
appreciative of the real ones.