Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Online Gaming for You?

I am not a usual online gamer but since I am curious as to why a number of people are quiet addicted to online games specially those that are primarily connected to social media sites such as Facebook, I am giving myself at least a day to experience this online game phenomenon. I will opt to play the game using my good old laptop so as to maximize my control! Here it goes!

I believe the first thing that a gamer should do when participating online is to verify the tab where the gamer will be asked who will see posts that that game app makes for the gamer on their Facebook timeline, it will be smart if a gamer will choose the “only me” tab, since you wouldn't want these apps to barrage your friends main Facebook wall with mundane updates about your gaming scores and activities, right?


As I continue my gaming activity for the day, I can say that, just like any arcade video games, the music is fun and exhilarating too. The music of each game makes me want to play the game continuously. Very much reminiscent to the usage of music in casino slot machines, it is said that these slot machine tones are able to evoke happy feelings when you continuously listen to them. These tones are said to make your outlook happy despite instances of losing money in casino slot machines, this is the vibe that I am getting as I play a number of these online games.

The color of the game also emits a certain candy land fantasy world where pops of oozing majestic colors surrounds you. It helps soothe the strain when the timer and pressure of the game runs a tad intense and a little bit faster.

What I also find interesting when playing these online games that are connected to sites such as Facebook, I as a gamer have the privilege of playing in weekly tournaments with my own Facebook friends, which is quite nice. I can also connect with friends and ask them for game lives so that I’ll have better chances of prolonging one game session.

Although the game is free, game developers are able to monetize on this platform by advertising and I have realized that they can also further monetize on their game thru online gamers. One of the methods done by game developers when they make these games is they make sure the gamer will want a specific essential game item that is not easy to acquire, like say game coins for example. By withholding these items wisely, a gamer can then opt to purchase these essential items online by paying real money for these virtual goods. These items are quite essential, especially for those gamers who participate in online game tournaments.

Having seen a small part of the online gaming scene I can personally say that this is not my cup of tea. Although I can say that I like the simplicity and joy that games such as Bubble Island and Fantastic Forest bring. I cannot put my time on these shenanigans, I just think that there are other more productive things to do online, well, that’s just me. If you love playing online games, then you just go ahead and do it.