Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After Breakup

Relationships these days have turned into a social media spectrum. From the minute you commit to that relationship, you and your partner are simultaneously committing to the social media expectations that you guys will eventually provide people in your friends list immediate updates and photos regarding your relationship whereabouts, your celebrations, your cute lovely affairs, your fine anniversary gifts and what nots. This inlove social media etiquette is quiet tolerable for friends and family but then you ask yourself what if we break up, what is the right social media etiquette when we part our ways.

With that thought in mind, I am listing here the basic ways of cutting him off.

Delete his number in your phone

We all know that that mobile phone number is basically engraved in your brain but the act of deleting his mobile number is not just about the act itself but the association of control that we put into this action. This act puts your phone and phone apps in synched with your emotion, this act reminds you that you should be in control of your daily mobile life and life in general.

Change your relationship status

It might hurt a bit but in essence it’ll be liberating for you. This is your official shoutout to the social media world that you are moving on and that you are comfortable with your current "single" state.

Remove your “couple photos” from social networking sites

This act primarily strengthens the saying  ”out of sight, out mind.” There is a need to let go of these picturesque memories so that you’ll be able to open a new album and experience new memories. If you keep these photos then tendency is, you will just revisit those memories and reminisce on the past again and again.

Delete him from your Social Media life

Checking on his whereabouts, statuses, photos and notes will not do you any good. It will just stress you out and might even get you depress and a bit neurotic at times. You don’t want to see if he is having a good time while you are crying your eyes out, it is never wise to compare notes with regards to moving on. Because people have different ways of grieving, some may drink lots of alcohol to soothe the pain while some just cry themselves to the tune of “All by Myself.”

Unfriend his friends

When you get yourself in a relationship there is always a tendency to adopt friends of his through social media. These friends mainly became part of your life because of your relationship with him; ergo it is just normal that when you end the relationship the friendship with those extended friends will also expire. But if you guys have a few common friends, then that’ll basically turn into a type of custody battle on who gets the baby/friends after the divorce/break up.