Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Facebook Profile, A Social Resume

When we meet a new friend over coffee or dinner we often emerge ourselves to a variety of conversations to weigh his or hers emotional and intellectual stance on those subject. With these conversations we are then able to grasp the person’s interests, hobbies and outlook. But this interaction is not only limited in face to face time but we also gauge a person base on his or her Facebook profile which can be considered now as a social resume.

This can be compared to a intro letter that primarily states their idea on life, art, family and love. The people that the person usually incorporates in their cover photos are people they really care for. And the thought or passages that we see in these cover photos are reflections of their thoughts and feelings.

This primarily gives us the physicality of the person behind the name. What they add on these photos are things that he or she is passionate for, like say if it was a picture of a guy and his sports car. Or if he is a musician, there will be photos of him playing his instrument.

In this part we are able to see his accolades of some sort. In here we can start reading about his school background, location, work history and relationship status.

If in the other pages we were able to find hints about his outlook then his status updates will provide a better understanding about his opinions on things. May it be about food, fashion, cars, music or movies, here we are given a weekly or even daily happenings that is consist of reviews, comments and Instagram photos. This is basically the question and answer segment in a job interview.

A good friends list should have great diversity when it comes to their background and social status. There we’ll see that the person is able to blend with people from different walks of life. This can be considered as the social reference of the individual.

In this section we will see the individual’s taste on music, books, places, movies, television shows, events and groups. Here we will see the person’s interests and hobbies during his more relax phase. In a usual interview this is seen as the regular chit chat part between the interviewer and applicant.