Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is a Throwback Thursday?

Cite: Urban Dictionary
Its Thursday and for sure people are rummaging thru their photo albums and computer picture folders looking for “old” photos that they’ll post on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google + and Instagram to promulgate the Throwback Thursday internet theme. These Throwback Thursday photos are primarily instigated by a number of nostalgic narcissists and soon people from all walks of life. Throwback Thursday is an internet trend where people are given the excuse to post photos from way back and then hashtagged it as #tbt or #throwbackthursday. Your photo will get a better wider exposure in the internet sphere when you add these hashtags to your tbt photos. However, not everyone is doing it properly. Properly in the sense of giving consideration to the other people who will view the newsfeed, here’s a list.

Things you need to know about Thowback Thursday.

One or two photos will suffice.
     Do not upload tons of photos every Thursday just because you love how  
     you looked back then. I mean, be considerate and don’t just flood the
     newsfeed wall with all your tbt. Ok, we get it, you used to have a sick to
     die for physique back then but please reconsider.

It must be atleast 5 years old to be considered a throwback.
     The mere fact that it’s a throwback and the sense of nostalgia is the
     essence of posting these photos then that goes without saying that   
     pictures of your vacation last year doesn’t really count as a throwback.

Food photography is not a TBT thing.
    We understand your admiration for food photography but posting it as a  
    Throwback Thursday picture doesn’t really go hand in hand. Well, except if
    you were the one who created that sumptuous food work of art and you 
    feel nostalgic about it then that could pass as a tbt but if that’s just a
    random photo taken from a restaurant meal then perhaps you should      
    reconsider doing so.

Throwback Thursday photos when you were a baby.
     I mean really really angelic looking tbt babies are very fun and nice to look
     at. These photos not only bring a sense of nostalgia but an enhance
     adoration towards that person even just for a while.
     However, not everyone is blessed to have that (let’s be frank) so unless
     you are as cute as a button then please veer away from posting
     unnecessary not so cute naked baby photos of yourself. 

Funny, awkward and uncompromising photos are promising TBTs.
    Throwback Thursday is a chance to let your hair down and make fun of
    your younger self. Those drunken photos, prom mishaps and
    fashion faults could be your fun Throwback Thursday photos. Those photos
    are not only nostalgic but it confirms that you can be indulgent and
    carefree at times.

Time is the essence.
    Post these photos on a Thursday. It’s disconcerting when people post a 
    photo that’s supposedly a tbt on a Friday or Saturday then they’ll post
    #lateuploadtbt. Here’s the thing when you upload it on a Friday yet you
    would like to be nostalgic once more then just hashtag it as