Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FAVE! Art In Youtube

There are overwhelming articles about the aesthetic appeal of art in our society. There are great Neoclassical and Elizabethan artists that are renowned for making picturesque paintings and works of art that are worthy of praise and admiration. But not everyone has the chance to really admire these works of art up close. In this day and age, art is not only constraint to the basic painting or sculptural aesthetic that we used to connect art with. Now, art is appreciated early in the conception of the work itself, art can now be associated to the method used in creating the art.

I, myself am not an artistic individual capable of creating unusual yet beautiful pieces of art but I am an avid appreciator of different genres of it. Genres that are now recognized by millions of Youtube subscribers who have seen these people at work. Here’s my new fave list:

Spray Paint Art
GENRE: Canvass Art
Wow Factor: This video will make you feel that achieving such a beauty can done with much ease and simplicity because of how he was able to present simple tools and tricks while painting this art. It may seem simple but there is more to this talent.
Main differentiator: Brandon McConnell used spray paint to achieve the paradigm of the dark paradise.
Check out the video!

Painting on Water
GENRE: Painting
Wow Factor: When I saw the finish product I cannot believe that that was a painting concocted in water with primary round shapes that the artist then manipulated with great artistry.
Main differentiator: The artist here used water as his canvass so that his creation will be “fluid.”
Check out the video!

Sand Art
GENRE: Sand Artist
Wow Factor: His artist was very theatrical and emotional, this may be because his story telling capability is so good that it is further enhanced by the music that helped legitimized the scenario.
Main differentiator: Joseph the artist used sand to create and narrate a story.
Check out the video!

3D Chalk Art
GENRE: Drawing
Wow Factor: What is amazing is his dedication to get the alignment and accuracy of his 3D chalk art.
Main differentiator: Chris Carrison used colourful, fun chalks for his impressive work.
Check out the video!

3D Drawing
GENRE: Drawing
Wow Factor: At first it seemed like your normal run of the mill figure rawing but as it progressed, it became a mind teaser.
Main differentiator: The artist mainly used a pencil to enhance, shade and lighten the 3D  drawing.

Check out the video!