Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's turn the table (July)

The internet sphere these days is commonly full of people who love to criticize and undermine other people because of their differences whether it be regarding their taste in music, movies or cultural beliefs. Along with this growing trolling trend is the growth of misspelled, misused and abused words online too. And because of the prevalence of this on sites like Youtube I cannot help but make this list of Youtube comments to somewhat turn the table on them. Here are some:

I guess we won’t be working for this person any time soon. 

Ok, let us discuss the difference of hole and whole.
Whole means all of or the entirety of a thing.
Hole on the other hand means an opening or a hollowed place in something solid.
So, in these two instances the word “whole” should have been used and not “hole”. 
What is this Ishe Cream?
ISHE is actually an acronym for The International Society For Human Ethology.
I believe what is this person is trying to say is Ice Cream not Ishe.
This is a just lazy statement that should have been written as “oh, really?” instead of “O RLY?”